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Psychology and Multidisciplinary Jewish Studies Undergraduate at Yeshiva University
Yeshiva University offers an undergraduate degree program in psychology and multidisciplinary Jewish studies, in partnership with Bar-Ilan University. This track is studied entirely in English and earns its students two high-level degrees which prepare them for today’s competitive job market.
Men and women study in separate batei midrash and participate in their own Jewish studies programs, including chavrutot and classes. The program is designed according to Yeshiva University vision and standards, aimed at preparing students for professional and personal lives that integrate Torah values. During their studies, students can experience Israeli society and prominent industries through internships, workshops, and more.


Study Program
This track, conducted in partnership with Bar-Ilan University (BIU) combines high-level academic studies in both Psychology and Jewish studies, with all courses taught in English, and customized especially for program students. In addition, the program includes:
- Torah studies: The program follows the structure of YU in New York, with Jewish studies required from all students. Students take part in Torah studies and shiurim and are matched chavrutot according to their level. For men, the learning schedule includes chavruta time in the campus beit midrash, shiur, and additional options for advanced students. For women, the program features Tanach, Halacha, and Jewish thought classes, beit midrash, and chavruta learning.
- Academic support systems: Mentoring from Yeshiva University’s alumni network; Individualized career guidance and graduate school advisement; Internships; Ulpan opportunities and Hebrew language support; Full residence and programming including trips (“tiyulim”) and retreats (“shabbatonim”); and more.



Duration and Structure
This international undergraduate track is designed to be completed in four years. It includes twice-weekly classes studied at the Bar-Ilan campus, combined with online classes. The academic coursework should be completed in the following order:
- Year 1: during their first year, students use YU-affiliated Israel seminary credits.
- Years 2 - 3: years 2 - 3 include on-campus studies at YU Israel and Bar-Ilan University.
- Year 4: The fourth year includes courses and instruction facilitated by YU, and one summer semester at YU’s New York campus.



Who is Eligible?
- U.S high-school seniors, who are on their way to YU-affiliated yeshivot in Israel.
- Alumni of yeshivot programs approved by YU.



- U.S. high-school seniors, who are on their way to study in YU-affiliated seminaries in Israel.
- Alumni of seminary tracks approved by YU.



Please note, Yeshiva University honors credit awarded by SDAIP yeshivot and seminaries. Candidates with transcripts from other Israeli schools will be considered on a case-by-case basis.



Tuition fees are 36,000$ per year. Tuition remains the same for each year of the program, and includes housing, Torah studies, transportation to and from partner institutions, and programming.
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Career Paths and Advanced Studies
This academic program prepares students for field specific careers. The “Shevet Glaubach” career guidance center offers support in pursuing employment options, and advises graduates regarding advanced degrees, both at YU and Israeli universities. In Addition, the program includes educational seminars and internship opportunities.


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