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Getting Your Master's Degree in Israel
Continuing Education, Changing Environment
Many Israeli universities and other academic institutions offer Master's programs, in which the entire track is studied in English. The alternatives are extremely varied, so that you can study for M.A. in Jewish Studies or Psychology, for M.Sc. in Nanotechnology or for LL.M. in International Law. In M.B.A programs you will achieve a true sense of the Israeli high-tech industry. These are just some of the options out there.
Types of Programs
Here are some of the most popular tracks available for foreign students:
M.B.A. Programs
The MBA programs can be taken as a one year or a two year track. You can decide on programs that focus on the high-tech industry, programs that focus on NGOs and NPOs or programs that were designed especially for high-end executives of big organizations.
M.A. programs - Jewish History and Israeli Culture
These programs are extremely popular. The reason for this is that students can make the best of their stay in Israel and see at first-hand some of the places and sites that they will study of. The programs include trips to different sites in the country.
M.Sc. - Desert Studies and Marine Geosciences
These programs include much hands-on practical experience and focus on the unique natural environment in Israel. The Desert Studies focus on environmental issued that characterize Israel such as the ecology of dry lands and irrigation systems suitable for such climate.
Students of Marine Geosciences programs investigate environmental conditions of sea shores and life at the bottom of the sea, and explore natural resources and methods of exploitation. The studies take place mainly at Haifa and Eilat.
M.D. Programs
M.D. programs are four-year tracks intended for students who have completed their pre-med undergraduate degrees before starting their studies in Israel. Students in these programs are mainly from the US and Canada. The programs are done in collaboration with American med schools and designed to suit the American curriculum.
LL.M. Programs
Several Israeli institutions offer LL.M. programs. you can complete your master's degree in various tracks of specialization: International Law, Patent Law, International Business and Human Rights. Some of the programs are completed in one year while others require two years of studies.
In general terms, all graduate programs that include thesis take place over the course of two years or more. Executive M.B.A. tracks are organized in one-year programs that do not include a thesis.
Due to the fact that the studies are in English, candidates who do not come from English speaking countries must pass an English proficiency test, such as TOEFL. Admission is mostly based on applicants' undergraduate grades. In most programs, candidates are also asked to undergo an interview.
Applicants for M.Sc. programs should have an average of above 85. In such programs, especially at Weizmann institute in which all students must write a thesis, the admission committee gives much attention to your previous personal projects.
M.B.A. programs usually require an average of 80 or above. Candidates must submit their GMAT or GRE scores in their applications forms.
As the number of M.A. programs in humanities or social sciences offered is so diverse, so are the criteria. Overall, candidates should have an undergraduate average of 80 or above. In Social Sciences programs, students are also required to have an interview.
Tuition and Scholarships
In universities, the tuition fees per year for graduate studies are between $12,000 and $18,000. However, if you choose a one-year M.B.A. program, the fees are approx. $32,000. The fees do not include housing expanses that cost $6,000 to $8,000 each year.
However, all academic institutions offer scholarship programs based on prior academic achievements. The State of Israel, as well as several private funds, offers several scholarships for foreign students.


In addition, some institutions offer free studies. Such programs are always "full time" and do not allow students to work while participating in the program.
Academic Institutions
HAC - Hadassah Academic College (Jerusalem) – HAC offers an international master’s program in optometry and vision sciences (M.Optom), which provides students with the following:

- Clinical competencies in various advanced areas of optometry, including low vision and specialty contact lenses.
- Knowledge and skills for developing evidence-based clinical best practices.
- An in-depth understanding of ophthalmologic issues and conditions.
- Clinical research tools.
- The ability to establish optometric communities for clinical collaborations and promote clinical research worldwide.

Bar Ilan University (Ramat Gan) – offers several graduete programs in English including tracks in brain sciences, biblical studies, classical studies, English literature, linguistics, Jewish philosophy, Middle Eastern religion and politics, translation, electrical engineering, physics, life sciences, and creative writing.
Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Be'er-Sheva and Sde' Boker) – offers free of charge studies for M.Sc. in environmental studies, mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences.
Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot) - offers graduate programs in: Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences and in Math & Computer Sciences. Acceptance to the study programs grants the applicants with a full scholarship and a salary.
Haifa University – offers 15 graduate programs in English. You can Study M.A. in Holocaust studies or Child Development, National Security Studies or Maritime Civilizations. Haifa University offers three MBA programs: Risk Management and Insurance, International Executives Program and a Global Green MBA track.
Tel Aviv University – In addition to its graduate law and M.B.A. programs, Tel Aviv University also offers English M.A. tracks in Archeology and History in the Land of the Bible, Middle Eastern Studies, Crisis and Trauma Studies as well as other graduate programs.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – offers M.B.A. and LL.M. programs, special M.Sc. studies in agriculture, and also M.A. tracks in The Bible and Near East Studies, Jewish Studies, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and in Israel Studies.
Technion - the Israel institute of technology (Haifa and Tel Aviv)  – apart from MBA programs in environmental and civil engineering, the Technion now offers an MBA program in technological business management and entrepreneurship. This program, taught entirely in English, spans one year, studies take place in the Tel Aviv campus. Participants discuss issues in project management and leadership in the ever-changing technological business development. The final graduation project allows students to set up their own start-up company.
Reichman University (Herzliya) – the university offers various graduate programs in English: MA Behavioral Economics, MA Financial Economics, MA HCI- MA Computer Science Interaction, MA Government, Global MBA, One-year MBA, MBA In Healthcare Innovations, and MSc Machine Learning and Data Science.


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