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Thinking about studying in Israel? You have come to the right place!
In our website you will find information regarding all academic programs studied in Israel and intended for international students, as well as general knowledge about the Israeli higher education system. Med School or Law, CS or Linguistics, History or Psychology, it does not matter what you are interested in; you can find it here!
Besides info about academic tracks we also give you some background information about colleges and universities in Israel. See where you can study by the sea or what surprises wait for you in the desert, which institutions offer great student social life and where Nobel laureates teach.
You can also find on our website all the details you need regarding the admission process, tuition fees and other useful information.
"Studying in Israel" is the place to find all you need about academic tracks in English: undergraduate or graduate degrees, as well as non-degree tracks such as student exchange programs, internships and other semestrial or yearly programs.
Why Study in Israel?
Israel offers the perfect combination between academic excellence and a chance to experience life and work in an energetic, historical and interesting country.
This is your chance to learn from extremely estimated professors at some of the best faculties in Europe, have an internship at a high-tech company, visit some historical and religious places or spend your days at the beach and meet students from all around the world.
Undergraduate Degrees
In Israel you can find various undergraduate programs in English. This might be a good opportunity for students who either consider making "Aliyah" or just wish to spend a few years in Israel and enjoy studying at the prestigious Israeli academic intuitions. In Israel you can find many programs in English: Business and Economics, Psychology, B.Sc. in Engineering or Literature and Linguistics are just a few. In addition, there are several tracks that are special to Israel such as Jewish History and Culture in which you get to go on trips to many fascinating sites that you can't find anywhere else in the world.
Graduate Programs
Israeli academic institutions offer many graduate programs including great international medical schools that are designed to match the American curriculum, LL.M tracks and top programs in humanities and social sciences (including MBA programs) and in science. The most renowned science schools are probably Weizmann Institute and Technion (Israel's Institute of Technology). In these institutions you can study and research with some of the best professionals in their field including several Nobel Laureates.
Student Exchange Programs
Israeli universities and several colleges offer semestrial, summer or yearly exchange programs. Such programs give students an opportunity to get a "taste" of Israeli life and academia. It is important to note that several Israeli academic institutions participate in the EU's Erasmus Mundus programs and projects. In addition, Israeli institutions share student exchange programs with universities from around the world.
Universities also offer internships in various fields; the programs aim to give students from all around the world an opportunity to work in Israeli firms. Mostly, the projects incorporate theoretical studies and / or practical research with hands on experience in an Israeli company. Many participants work in high-tech and low-tech companies. However, several programs focus mainly on social affairs, in which students get their practical experience at NPOs.