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 Are you looking for a way to learn new skills? Do you want to study in a flexible and interactive program? Online courses may be the track you are looking for.

There are countless options for online learning today, in many different subjects - from coding to art and design. These tracks allow you to learn anywhere and fit learning to your schedule. The new skills you learn online can help you boost your career or even start a new exciting professional journey.

Read all about available online courses and find a program suitable for you.

Online learning and courses

Knowledge and skills are just a click away

The internet is redefining not only the way we do business, shop and interact - but also the way we learn. Millions of students worldwide choose to enrol in online courses each year and the popularity of these programs is constantly increasing. These programs allow students to broaden their horizons, improve their personal skill set and also upgrade their resume. With a huge selection of online courses in endless subjects, getting started with learning online is now easier than ever.

What is online learning?

Online courses, also known as online learning or distance learning, are study programs available on the internet. These programs allow students to learn a wide variety of subjects in an advanced and innovative environment that is somewhat different from frontal learning. They make use of advanced study technologies and are quite interactive. This allows students to learn anytime and anywhere and fit their learning schedule and pace to their personal needs.

Online learning is suitable for a wide range of learners, from those working full time who wish to fit a practical course in their tight schedule, parents who want to study in a family friendly environment, to college and university students that want to enrich their knowledge. They can also be a great opportunity for those who want to learn courses from universities outside their home country, without the need to leave one's home.

How do online courses work?

Online courses are based on an interactive and advanced learning environment. Some courses allow students to read lesson material or listen to recordings, whereas other tracks include full video lessons and lectures. Certain courses also incorporate group discussions by video or chat.

Usually after completing each lesson or module students receive assignments, quizzes or projects to help them practice new skills. In some cases, course staff offer evaluation and feedback on the students' achievements and advancement pace.

In online courses the learning pace in completely up to the students. Most courses suggest a recommended time span for completing the course but students can mostly choose how many lessons to complete each day or week. They can also choose their preferred time of day for studying. This feature can help those working full time as well as parents and other students with busy schedules.


Online course platforms

There are quite a few popular platforms for studying online. Many websites offer a rich selection of courses and tutorials. In addition, leading academic institutions often offer online courses. Each of these platforms has its unique characteristics and advantages, which can help online students, choose the most suitable program for themselves.

What courses are offered online?

The variety of online course subjects is almost infinite. Students can take part in programs in many different fields, from programming and science to art and design.

Here are just a few of the most popular subjects to study online:

Online programming courses - these courses allow students to get to know new programming languages and build the required skills for a career in coding. There are many different coding courses such as online java courses, online python courses, online C# courses, online web development programs and many more.

Online language courses - Those who wish to learn a new language online can choose from a wide range of courses that are built to suit different levels of fluency, from beginners to intermediate learners. You can fine online English courses, online Hebrew courses, online Spanish courses and more.

Online business courses - online business programs can suit managers and business owners who wish to widen their leadership skills, as well as entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start a new business.

Online writing courses - these tracks allow aspiring writers to improve their creative writing skills. There are also courses that focus on business writing, journalism and even blogging.

Online graphic design courses - Online courses in graphic design allow students to broaden their design abilities and get to know new techniques for both digital media and print.


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Online college courses

Many renowned universities and colleges offer selected courses online. These courses are adapted from equivalent frontal courses in order to suit online learners. They usually include videos taken during the lectures on campus as well as online exclusive assignments. In some cases, these programs grant accreditation for future studies in these institutions.


Online certification courses

Among the many online programs, so assist learners in preparing for different exams needed for acquiring professional diplomas. These diplomas are granted by leading corporations and firms, international organizations or academic institutions worldwide. In many cases, this certificate can help open new career options or apply to certain jobs.


Cost of online courses

Online courses are available in a rather wide range of cost. Tuition rates can depend on the length of the program, the amount of practical projects and assignments and other factors. It is worth to note that tuition in online learning programs tends to be significantly cheaper than frontal diploma tracks offered today in colleges and universities, so online courses can be a less pricy option for learning new skills.

Free online courses

Whereas most online courses require tuition, there are some free programs available. However, these tracks tend to offer less in depth content than paid programs and usually focus on basic skills. They can provide a way to get acquainted with a new subject, such as for students that want to make sure a certain topic suits them and

their skills.


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How to succeed on online courses

Succeeding in online courses requires quite a bit of self-discipline, dedication and good time management skills. Students who do well in online courses tend to be highly motivated learners who understand their personal abilities, strengths and limitations, although these skills can be acquired through practice. Some students will find that face-to-face learning is more suitable for them and better fits their learning style, and might prefer choosing frontal programs over online tracks.

In order to succeed in online learning programs, it is important to create a clear weekly or daily goal and design schedules to suit personal needs. In addition, completing all the assignments and quizzes is an integral part of success, since practice is one of the best ways to master new skills.


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