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Python for ethical hacking online courses

Almost every 30 seconds, a hacking attack takes place somewhere in the world. These attacks cause severe, sometimes irreversible damage to organizational and national resources. Ethical hackers play an important role in the effort to deal with cyber threats.

The constant rise in malicious cyber-attacks makes these hackers a sought after asset in many organizations. Those who wish to take part in the worldwide mission of defending online resources can take part in various ethical hacking courses. Among these courses are many online learning programs. Online courses that focus on ethical hacking with python are a great opportunity to get to know some of the most required skills in the industry.

Some courses are suitable for those with no previous knowledge in coding, whereas other intermediate tracks may suit experienced python developers who are interested in making the transition into the ethical hacking and information security field.


What is ethical hacking - how to hack with python

Ethical hackers are employed by organizations in order to help them improve security. Using what is known as penetration testing, they intrude the company's systems in order to detect security flaws and suggest ways to deal with these vulnerabilities. They are sometimes known as "white hat" hackers, and their mission is to prevent "black hat" hackers from striking and causing damage to corporate data. They even assist governments in protecting national security through the protection of sensitive information.

As part of their work, hackers write scripts that automate procedures such as scans. This allows them to save time and focus on more substantial coding matters. They often use several coding languages, the most popular of them being Java, Perl, C and Python. Among these languages, python is considered one of the easiest to learn and most simple to write.

Python for ethical hacking

Many online courses specialize in implementing python for ethical hacking purposes. In these programs, students learn important subjects in hacking as well as build python coding skills. They understand important facets of programming and hacking and discuss how they are related.

Students then proceed to examine various methods of writing code that apply for different security threats and working environments. They learn how to design suitable solutions that can solve these vulnerabilities and implement them successfully in organization systems. More advanced courses allow students to delve into vulnerability scanning methods and network security techniques.

Most of these courses focus on a "learning by doing" approach to coding. Students practice the coding skills through various quizzes and assignments. They begin with basic code snippets and continue to create more advanced applications, such as scanners and password crackers. This hands-on practice is important in preparing them for their future in the cyber industry.


Introduction to python for ethical hacking

Introduction courses allow students to learn the fundamentals of coding required for hackers. Students learn how to build scanners using python, while getting to know the main functions and commands.

These programs are usually suitable for students with little or no coding experience. During the courses, students will learn how to combine coding and hacking skills in order to write algorithms and programs for solving security problems.


Ethical hacking course - how to learn ethical hacking

In addition to python ethical hacking program, there is a wide range of courses that focus on ethical hacking and pen-testing. Some courses provide an extensive and comprehensive view on hacking and help students gain a professional skillset. Others focus on certain aspects on ethical hacking and assist students in mastering them. These topics include network hacking, mobile hacking, Facebook hacking and more.

When choosing an online course, students should consider their goals - do they aspire to gain the required skillset to become professional hackers? Are they seeking to expand an already existing skillset? They should also take the length of the course into consideration and choose tracks that fit their schedule. Online programs are designed especially to cater those with busy schedules since they allow students to choose their personal pace and pick learning times that suit them.


In most cases, courses include several video-lectures, each followed by an assignment or project. Each module or section focuses on a specific aspect of hacking and the assignment allows students to practice hacking certain systems.



Python online course - How to learn python

As one of the central coding languages in the industry today, python courses are another popular option. Online courses offer a versatile environment for getting to know this programming language and mastering it.

Many online learning websites offer python courses for beginners. These can be suitable to those taking their first steps in coding who are searching for a good language to begin with.

Some courses are aimed at professionals in specific fields and assist them in learning how to make their practice more effective using python. Such courses include python for data science, python for statistics, python for machine earning and many more.

Similar to other coding languages, leaning python takes time and requires dedication and a lot of practice. For this reason, online courses often include many hands-on assignments and some even offer feedback from staff. Since these programs usually allow free access to all lessons, students can repeat modules that are more complex as much as they like.


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Ethical hacking certification - certified ethical hacker

As part of a regulating process in the hacking field, ethical hackers can receive several certifications that affirm knowledge and skills in different levels. One of the first levels of certification is CEH, or certified ethical hacker. Many online programs assist students on the way to receiving this title.

These certifications are granted by the EC council, an international organization that certifies professionals in information security. Receiving this status requires passing an exam by the EC council. Upon receiving basic certificates students may continue studying for more advanced exam. This opens further options in the industry.

Ethical hacking jobs - career in ethical hacking

Today's industry is in constant need for ethical hackers, from hi-tech companies to banks and even government agencies. IT threats are rising in an alarming pace and estimations are that in the next 5 years there will be a shortage of over one million hackers worldwide.

Job opportunities for hacking course graduates are very versatile. These include penetration testing experts, security directors, threat consultants, cyber analysts and other positions. There are also junior positions available in many companies that can be suitable for course graduates with no practical job experience.

The python coding skills acquired in the courses also allow students to pursue a career as developers in other fields.


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