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SEO tutorials for beginners online

Online marketing has become one of the most important tools in the business world today. Successfully maintaining websites and online businesses requires knowledge in how search engines work - especially Google. Appearing in the top results of a search engine makes a website more reliable and more popular, which is one of the key ways to increase traffic and profit. This may seem like a complex task, but it can be accomplished by mastering several skills, one of which is SEO.

One of the ways to learn SEO today is via online courses or tutorials. These online learning programs allow students to gain all the necessary skills for becoming experts in SEO.

Understanding SEO requires both creative and analytical skills, and since the web is a very dynamic arena it also requires constant learning and familiarizing with the latest updates and changes. These online courses and tutorials are a great way to get to know SEO in a flexible and engaging way.

The online courses can be suitable for those who wish to take the first steps to a career in digital marketing and SEO. In addition, they can greatly benefit business owners who want to optimize their websites and increase profit.

What is SEO

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is a method of improving a website's position in search results presented in search engines such as Google. When websites are presented in a high location on the result list, they are visible to more viewers. This creates more traffic, which is a key factor in the success of websites and online businesses.

Google and other search engines have many criteria for determining the position of websites on the search result list. Some of these include content quality, correct linking and keyword use. These factors combined can improve a site's positioning and increase relevant traffic. Google, for instance currently lists over 200 criteria which changes regularly, so it is important to stay up to date with the most recent updates.

SEO tutorials for beginners - SEO tutorials step by step

These tutorials offer students a step-by-step guide to understanding how SEO works. They focus on getting to know the basic terms and concepts of the field. These courses provide fundamentals in online marketing strategies in a way that is simple, accessible and easy to understand, even to those with no previous knowledge in SEO.

During the tutorials students learn how search engines work, focusing on Google. They understand aspects of SEO such as content writing, keyword research, linking and user experience (also known as UX). All these tools allow students to learn how to increase their sites' visibility and align it with Google's guidelines for successful and well-promoted websites.

How it works

Tutorials usually include short videos with condensed, bite-sized lectures on the fundamentals of SEO. They are usually shorter than online courses and can be completed within several hours.

Since they are accessible via laptop or smartphone, it is easy to participate in these tutorials anywhere and fit them in even the busiest of schedules. This means they are especially useful for those working full time or managing a business.

It is worth noting that short tutorials will not make students SEO professionals but will allow them to learn the basic tools required to dive deep into this field and continue developing their skills. Those who are looking for a comprehensive track that will fully prepare them for a career in SEO might prefer taking part in online courses or online certification tracks.

Free SEO tutorials for beginners

Price ranges for online SEO courses vary; some are even available for free. These tutorials usually offer a rather basic view on SEO and do not give an in depth view on this topic. They are also usually relatively shorter that paid tutorials or courses.

Free tutorials can be suitable for those wishing to get a quick introduction to what SEO is all about without getting "committed" to a full-length course program. They can also help those who have already completed courses in this field and are currently working as SEO experts, who want to get to know the latest updates. Since online marketing is incredibly dynamic, this updating can be a key factor to success.

Learn SEO SEM online

Several of the courses for learning SEO also allow students to learn SEM, or Search Engine Marketing. SEM relates primarily to paid marketing on search engines, as opposed to SEO that focuses on organic search results.

Online courses that focus on both SEO and SEM allow students to build a wider skillset as online marketing professionals. The combination opens doors to more career options. For business owners and online traders, this knowledge is handy for boosting their website's activity.

How to learn SEO online

There are currently many different methods for learning SEO online. Students can choose between short online tutorials, more extensive online courses and certification online courses conducted by software firms. Experienced SEO employees can take part in online workshops and webinars that focus on latest updates and insights.

Choosing an online course requires students to first determine their goals and needs in learning. It is important to map out personal schedules and time limitations and consider one's levels of dedication and determination.

Some students, however, prefer learning in frontal programs rather than online courses. These students often feel that face-to-face programs create a more efficient learning environment to cater their needs. They can choose between diploma tracks, extensive coding boot camps or degrees in subjects such as communications studies, business management or marketing that allow them to develop expertise in other marketing skills as well.


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Where can I learn SEO online

SEO tutorials and courses are available on several online platforms. There are currently many online learning websites that offer courses in SEO, suitable for both beginners and more experienced users. These websites also offer many online courses in an almost infinite range of subjects. Those interested in developing other online skills can take part in online Facebook ads courses or in coding tracks such as online Java courses or online C# courses.

In addition, SEO tutorials can sometimes be found on websites and blogs by leading marketing experts online. On these platforms, they share tips from their own personal experience.

Google SEO course - SEO certification course


Google does not currently offer SEO courses or provides certifications in this subject. Online certificates are usually given by the different online learning websites to those who complete their online programs successfully.

However, Google does offer several online training certification programs in different subjects. One of these is the Google Ads certification program that certifies proficiency in using Google AdWords. Getting this certificate required passing an online examination by Google. In addition, Google offers online certification programs in mobile development, cloud computing and many other subjects.


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