Bilingual Undergraduate in Law at The College of Law and Business

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Bilingual Undergraduate in Law (LL.B) at The College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan

The College of Law and Business offers an undergraduate program in law (LL.B.) for English and Hebrew speakers. This bilingual program is conducted in both English and Hebrew and is suitable for those interested in preparing for a professional international career in law.


Study program
Students gain broad academic knowledge in law and receive the preparation needed for an international legal career. During the first year of studies, English-speaking students participate in Judicial Hebrew classes. During the second and third years, English speakers and Hebrew speakers study together, which allows them to network with future colleagues.
In addition, the department emphasizes developing practical skills, students participate in workshops that allow them to gain hands-on experience in the legal world, in cooperation with law firms.
Studies include several divisions:
Commercial law: students in this division focus on commercial and communications law, and intellectual property. This division also includes a program in high-tech and venture capital law.
Criminal law and criminology: this division aims at preparing students for a career as jurists in criminal law in the public and private sectors. Students gain practical skills necessary in this field and understand criminal law proceedings.
Human rights: this division provides students with the skills necessary for defense of human rights. They discuss real-life legal cases and create petitions in the field of policy change and legislation.


The program spans 3.5 years.


Here are a few examples of courses included in this program:
- Labor law.
- Criminal hearings.
- Constitutional law.
- Introduction to tax law.
- Public international law.
- Introduction to Jewish law.
- Family and inheritance law.
- Introduction to jurisprudence.
- Attorney’s professional ethics.


The Dean of Law School, Professor Gila Stopler, serves as editor-in-chief of the journal “Law and Ethics of Human Rights”. Professor Stopler’s areas of research are constitutional law, religion-state relations, human right, women’s rights, multiculturalism, and more.
Faculty members are experienced researchers in the field of law, their areas of academic interest include family law, human rights, public international law, law and technology, corporate law, and more.


Academic diploma
Undergraduates receive an LL.B. degree in law from The College of Law and Business. Students gain eligibility to take the New York State Bar exams.



Career opportunities
Bilingual lawyers are a sought-after asset in the Israeli market today. Israel is known for its vast high-tech industry, in which there is a need for jurists with an understanding of technology, patents, contracts, and international law. This study program provides skills necessary for navigating this dynamic arena.
In addition, undergraduates interested in practicing law in the Unites States gain the qualification for taking the New York State Bar examinations.
Excellent students can participate in a fast-track master’s program in law from the Chicago Kent College of Law, or at Yeshiva University. Students complete their final year at New York or Chicago.


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