Dual Track in Business Administration and Law at The College of Law and Business

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Dual Undergraduate in Business Administration (B.A.) and Law (LL.B.) at The College of Law and Business
This program is currently inactive!
Motivated international and Israeli students who wish to pursue a career in multinational law and management can gain the necessary skillset in the dual undergraduate track in business administration and law, offered at The College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan. This dual degree is conducted in English and aimed at committed and excellent students interested in filling key positions in both management and law.


Study program
The dual track in law and business allows students to enrich their knowledge in both worlds. They learn how businesses are built and operate, while acquiring an extensive legal training necessary for becoming lawyers in the multinational corporate field. In addition, they gain an understanding of the legal and business arenas in Israel, in the US, and in the global arena. Since international exposure and experience are vital components of legal and managerial success nowadays, the program corresponds with globalization processes in the professional world and the global economy.



Structure and duration
This is a full-time dual undergraduate track which spans four years. Students participate in courses in both business administration and law and take part in workshops and various practical classes.



Faculty comprises renowned researchers with expertise in various fields in law and business management.
The Acting Dean of Business School, Doctor Shmuel Cohen, is an expert in finance who is experienced in both academic research and financial training in the Israeli capital market. In Addition, he devotes much of his time to providing expert opinions to courts and consulting to managers and corporations in the field of finance.
The Dean of Law School is Professor Gila Stopler, who specializes in comparative constitutional law, human rights, multiculturalism, and other legal research areas. Her publications appeared in many leading law journals.




Academic diplomas
Upon completing their studies, students earn two undergraduate degrees: an LL.B. law degree, and a B.A. business administration degree, from The College of Law and Business.



Career opportunities
In today’s market, multidisciplinary knowledge is a sought-after asset. Students who combine degrees in both law and business acquire a wide and diverse skillset which can be implemented in different and meaningful professional roles. Using this knowledge, they can help lead more socially responsible policies in organizations and businesses or establish humanitarian for-profit companies. Moreover, they can choose to practice law in Israel (as corporate or independent lawyers), or in The US – in California or New York, as Israeli law experts.
In addition, this combined knowledge of Israeli and global business law helps undergraduates stand out in the professional arena. They also hold a strong understanding of the way businesses operate, which can help them establish their own law firms in the future, after acquiring experience in the marketplace.


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