LL.B. Programs in Israel for International Students

 Like any country, Israel has to deal with a lot of legal challenges, such as - minority rights and basic human rights. Nevertheless, it has several unique issues to address, like – enacting a constitution, finding a golden path to solve conflicts between religious laws and freedom rights, etc.

If hearing more about the legal challenges of Israeli society is appealing to you, maybe you should come to study with us. Read about special programs for international law students in Israeli academic institutions, or try out our customers' service by leaving us a message online. 

Law Studies - LL.B. Tracks in Israel
Law and Order - The Israeli Version
Have you heard of Shai Dromi Law? What is your stand on DUIs? Do you spend your days thinking what would you like to change in the world? Or maybe you would like to be the one holding the gavel in court. Whether you are interested in crime or contracts, civil rights or economics, international affairs or family disputes, the first step you would have to take in any of these disciplines is to apply for the right school. In the following article we provide you with information regarding law studies in Israel.
The Procedure
In Israel, any lawyer must meet three criteria:
- Completing law studies at an academic institution
- Completing a yearlong legal internship
- Successfully passing the Israeli bar exams
Study Programs
Law studies usually last between three and three and half years. Each year you will be required to attend mandatory classes that focus mainly on Israeli law, as well as others that regard international laws and legal systems from around the world.
During each year you can choose elective classes in various subjects: criminal law, taxation, contracts and corporate laws, human rights and civic law etc. Thus you will have the chance to see which area is the most appealing and suits you best. Naturally, the studies will also help you prepare for the challenging bar exam.
Several schools offer special programs in which you will be able to combine your law studies with other fields (e.g. criminology, economics or politics). All universities and most of the private colleges hold legal aid clinics in which the students get the chance to make their first steps in practicing law. Currently, only CLB - College of Law and Business offers a full LL.B. program in English.
* Traditional Hebrew Law and modern day laws
* Contracts – Conditions for validation and termination
* The basics of Israeli criminal law
* Damages laws in modern Israel 
* Constitutional Law and legislation process 
* The role of State Comptroller of Israel 
* Industrial and Corporate Laws
* Patent laws
* Labor laws
Getting Into Law School
Applicants for a full LL.B. program must include their high school diploma, SAT scores and TOEFL scores (the latter does not apply to candidates from English-speaking countries). The application must also include a short essay and two recommendation letters. The Admission for a semesterial or a yearlong program is based on the law students' grades at their original ongoing programs abroad.
While the annual tuition fee at Israeli universities is approx. 12,000 NIS, at private colleges the costs are much higher, and can amount to 20,000 NIS annually and even higher.
Academic Institutions

College of Law and Business - CLB (Ramat Gan) - This college offers an LL.B. program for English speakers that includes courses in English and Hebrew. The bilingual degree spans 3.5 years. In addition, CLB offers a summer internship program in English at the college's legal clinics. Students take part in clinics that focus on migrants' rights, environmental justice and other topics.


University of Haifa  – presents a Global Law Program every year during the spring semester. All courses are taught in English, and the lecturers include Haifa University Law faculty members as well as guest lecturers from all around the world. The track incorporates academic studies and social activities. The students go on special trips, join parties and find out more about life in Israel. 


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