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Academic institutions in Israel invite you to participate in international programs, earn credits or complete your degree. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to see the sites, to meet new people from all around the world, to hear Hebrew and Arabic, and to come to a closer understanding of Israeli society.

The University of Haifa - International Programs


About the university


The University of Haifa is the largest research university in the north of Israel. Today, more than 18,000 students from a wide range of backgrounds and ethnic groups are enrolled at the university in a variety of programs.



The university offers international graduate programs in a wide range of subjects and disciplines. These programs are taught in English and are suitable for international students from various countries who wish to study in Israel.



At The University of Haifa, international students can choose between one- or two-year programs in subjects such as social sciences, the humanities, business, management and more. During their studies, they can develop their research abilities and gain knowledge and skills that can help them advance their career and succeed.



In the various departments and faculties, teaching programs are combined with academic research in many cutting-edge subjects. Today there are 59 different research centers and institutes. The university had international reputation is fields such as neuroscience, public health, marine studies, holocaust studies, security, education and more.



Study tracks


These are the international master programs available at The University of Haifa:



Archaeology: in this MA track in archaeology students can gain the knowledge necessary for research archaeologists and take part in practical experience in the field through campuses in the Galilee and Negev. The program can be completed in one year and comprises of 3 consecutive semesters.



Child Development: In the international master’s in child development students broaden their knowledge of child development and its application in improving the lives of families in the developing world.



Israel Studies: Students in the international MA in Israel studies can learn about the different perspectives if the Israeli experience and research subjects in Jewish history and middle eastern politics.



National Security: This is an MA track in political science with a specialization in national security administration. Students can learn about real time dilemmas and contemporary issues in politics, diplomacy, economics, ethics, and security that relate to the state of the nation.



German and European Studies: In this interdisciplinary master’s program student study a variety of angles relating to modern Europe and Germany from 1945 to the present day. This is a joint venture of the University and DAAD - the German Academic Exchange Service.



Diplomacy: students in the MA program in international relations with a specialization in diplomacy can study important challenges shared by decision makers and scholars. They deal with present day issues both in the middle east and the international level.



Jewish Studies: The international master in Jewish studies program focuses on premodern Jewish culture and history. Students can develop their analytical abilities regarding dilemmas and challenges in modern research.



Middle eastern and Islamic Studies: Students can examine various cultural, religious, political and ideological issues in the Middle East, as well as take part in hands on experience in the city of Haifa and other locations.



Peace and conflict management: In the international MA in peace studies, students combine theoretical studies with applications from a regional perspective. They can focus on cultural, religious, and ethnic conflicts and examine subjects in peacemaking and conflict resolution.



Public Administration: This is an international MPA program in public administration, public management, and policy studies. Students develop skills that can be used in managing public organizations in a changing environment.



Marine Geosciences: In this M.Sc. program, students take part in research related to the marine environment, including deep subsurface, the seafloor and the water body.



Marine Biology: This track focuses on life processes in aquatic environments. Students examine aspects related to organisms as well as the interactions between individuals and populations. They take part in experiments at sea and in the laboratory.



Holocaust Studies: In this program scholars of different origins can broaden their knowledge of Holocaust studies and learn relevant aspects in history, social psychology, education, literature, anthropology, genocide studies and more.



Master of Business Administration - executive program: the executive international MBA program aims to assist students in becoming better managers. Students can develop skills that can assist them in decision making in today’s competitive global market, whilst focusing on business in east Asia.



Master of Business Administration - sustainability: The MBA program with a specialization in sustainability is suitable to international and Israeli students who wish to combat environmental challenges in sustainable methods.



Statistics: Students in the master’s program in statistics learn about new methods and applications in this field and their practical applications. They focus on methods for data analysis used to create valuable and meaningful conclusions.



Maritime Civilizations: The aim of this master’s program is training a generation of researchers, environmental activists and educators and providing them with knowledge of the relations between humans and the Mediterranean Sea.



Health Systems Administration: Students in this program are provided with practical tools relevant to various public health issues in multicultural environments. These skills can assist them in their roles as practitioners, researchers, educators, and leaders.



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