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Global Green MBA at the University of Haifa - MBA with a specialization in sustainability for international students


The University of Haifa offers an international master’s degree in business administration (MBA) with a specialization in sustainability, studied in English. in the “global green” MBA program, international students can

learn all about pressing environmental and social issues in the business world.


Managers can use the gained skills to implement smarter, more sustainable solutions in manufacturing, retail, and finance. The school of business administration at the University of Haifa encourages its students to use these insights in order to promote their careers in various roles such as environmental consulting, senior management positions, consultants to NGOs and nonprofit organizations and more.


Study program


The University of Haifa offers a special MBA track – Green MBA.



During their studies, students gain sustainability-oriented management and leadership skills. They learn about relevant environmental and business issues in the Israeli and global markets and learn how to implement sustainable tools to combat challenges and use social and environmental resources in a smarter, more efficient way.
The students are exposed to current issues in sustainability that are becoming more dominant in the responsibilities of managers in various sectors and fields. They analyze innovative ways organizations worldwide can become “greener” and think of new and innovative ways they can implement such methods in their own organizations.


Studies Structure


This all-English Master program spans one year. It is offered in a non-thesis track only.


The study program is comprised of 5 periods of nine weeks each. Courses take place two days a week.
Alongside theoretic courses, students participate in practical courses, workshops, and field trips. They prepare a final project in which they implement the studied tools on real life business and environmental challenges.


Also, students may choose crash courses in Hebrew or in Arabic during their studies (the costs are not included in the tuition).





Here are several of the courses included in the sustainability specialization:

Resource economics

Sustainability principles
Cleantech sustainability
Green entrepreneurship
Environmental policy and law
Environmental system analysis



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The faculty comprises of Israeli and visiting professors with experience in managing and establishing sustainable projects. They are involved both in academic research and in consulting and managing in the field, as well as community involvement. They share this experience from the business world with their students and expose them to current events and issues. 




The admission requirements for this track are as follows:


An undergraduate degree with an average grade of 80 or above
GMAT or GRE exam in the minimum grade determined by the university
Excellent command of English
Personal interview for qualified candidates


Academic Diploma


Graduates receive an MBA Master of Business Administration degree from the university of Haifa. In order to receive the degree, they must successfully complete all courses and requirements as stated by the department. A passing grade of 65 and above is required in each course and a final weighted average of 76 and above. The final weighted average comprises of 20% final project grade and 80% grades from courses in the program. 


About the university


At the department of business administration in the University of Haifa, international students can also find an Executive MBA track. This is an intensive program especially designed for experienced managers wishing to broaden their leadership skillset.



International students can also study in master programs in subjects such as Middle East studies, Statistics, Healthcare management, Israel studies, and many more.


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