MA in Archaeology in English at The University of Haifa

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MA in Archaeology in English at The University of Haifa - For International Students


The Haifa University offers an international MA program in archaeology. This graduate program is designed especially for international students from a variety of countries and is studied in English.
Through a combination of theoretical and practical studies, students receive thorough training that is required for research archaeologists. During the program, students gain hands on abilities in archaeological excursions, they specialize in the ecology and prehistory of mount Carmel as well as general prehistory.



Study Program
In this program, students learn about prehistoric archaeology and put emphasis on practical experience in the laboratory and field. In addition, they study aspects of human ecology throughout the millennia in the mount Carmel area. They learn how to implement different analytical tools to evaluate theories and data.
Since this program is comprised of both international and Israeli students, they can broaden their horizons and exchange approaches and ideas regarding archeological tools and theories.



Structure and Duration
This program can be completed in one year, during 3 consecutive semesters that include a summer semester.
Students can choose between a thesis track (track A), or a track without a thesis that includes a final test (track B).
The track includes theoretical and practical courses as well as workshops, laboratory work, field work and excursions. Students participate in 13 days of field campuses, each campus spans 3 days. The campuses take place in the Galilee and Negev and include workshops, excavations, and field trips. Students can focus on specific topics within the curriculum and gain hands on experience.



Here are some of the courses studied in this program:
Lithic technology
Near eastern prehistory
Experimental archaeology
Prehistory of Mount Carmel



The head of the international program is Professor Dani Nadel, who’s research focuses on prehistory, first Neolithic settlements in the Levant, bedrock modelling techniques and more.
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Students interested in applying to this program must comply with the following requirements:
BA in archaeology, natural sciences, exact sciences, or the humanities
GPA of 3.0 and above - or the equivalent of 76% for track B or 80% for track A
Non-native English speakers and candidates that have not previously studied in English require a TOEFL score of 570 and above in the paper-based exam, 230 in the computer based exam or 89 and above in the internet based exam.
An interview
2 letters of recommendation from academic faculty members
CV - Résumé
A personal statement of 500 - 750 words
Medical forms, copy of a valid passport and photos
Students that have not completed an undergraduate degree in archaeology or anthropology must complete introductory courses before the first semester of the program. They may also me required to study complementary courses that will be decided upon by the head of the master’s committee and the chair of the department.



Upon completing this program successfully, students receive an MA degree in archaeology from The University of Haifa.


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