M.Sc. in life sciences at Tel-Aviv University

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M.Sc. in Life Science at Tel-Aviv University for International Students


Tel-Aviv University offers three M.Sc. programs in life sciences that are especially designed for international students. The faculty of life science houses more than 90 different research labs in a wide range of disciplines, in order to assist students in researching some of the most discussed topics in science and technology. Graduates of these programs have an interdisciplinary training that can assist them in today's scientific community. They can pursue fascinating career options in academic positions and in the pharmaceutical and

biotech industries.


Biological sciences are amongst the fastest developing fields in the scientific world today. With the borders between scientific sub-fields blurring, scientists are required to adopt a broader, more interdisciplinary approach when solving scientific problems and developing new technologies.


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Study tracks

- M.Sc. Biochemistry: the program discusses advances topics in biology and biochemistry and allows students to carry out research work in these fields.

 - M.Sc. ecology and environmental studies: this track focuses on topics such as nature conservation, evolution and the environment. Students develop advanced research tools and discuss contemporary challenges in creating a greener world.

- M.Sc. Genetics: the program provides tools in fields such as molecular and systems biology, genetics and genomics. Students can get to know the latest technologies and carry out research of their own.



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Structure and duration



The different programs span around 24 months. The tracks are especially designed for international students; all courses are taught in English. Students in these programs study in a thesis track and are required to find an academic advisor. The programs are built of theoretical courses and electives, seminars, practical workshops and research work conducted in the university labs. 






- Genetic engineering.
- Endocrinological control.
- Signal transfer in the cell.
- Advanced cellular biology.
- Action and structure of proteins.


Ecology and environmental studies: 

- Biostatistics.
- Microbial ecology.
- Behavioral ecology.
- Ecology of societies.
- Scientific basis for natural conservation.




- Biostatistics.
- From DNA to Population.
- Current Topics in Genetics.
- Statistic principles in experimental biology.


Admission requirements



- Undergraduate B.Sc. degree in life sciences or related fields with an average of 80 and above (3.0 on a 4.0 scale).
- University degree diploma.
- Official transcripts.
- Two letters of recommendation.
- CV (resume).
- Non-native English speakers must provide proof of English proficiency.
- Health declaration form.
- Students are required to have an approved academic advisor before being accepted to the program.


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Graduates of these tracks receive a M.Sc. Master's degree in life science from Tel-Aviv University.
Career opportunities

This program opens various career opportunities for talented graduates. They can pursue roles in research institutes, medical institutes, companies in the food, drug, or agriculture industries, bio-tech companies and start-ups, academic institutes, environmental organizations, and more. In addition, they can choose to further their studies and continue to doctoral studies (PhD), which open even more research opportunities in both academia and the industry.

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