Programs for Visiting Students

Jerusalem Sounds Track at Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Enjoy a unique music program that includes seminars in Israeli and classical music, Klezmer and ensemble performances as well as academic studies in JAMD's Jerusalem Sounds track. Read more >>

Dance Track at Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

JAMD offers international students the opportunity to take top classes in choreography, improvisation, ballet and more while experiencing a new country, in its Dance Jerusalem track. Read more >>

Master's in Social Work - Crisis and Trauma Studies at Tel Aviv University

Helping people dealing with personal or communal disasters is a great challenge. TAU offers a unique M.A. in Social Work dedicated to crisis and trauma. Read more >>

Visiting Exchange Students at Bezalel - Academy of Arts and Design

Stay in Jerusalem and attend one of the best arts and design schools in Israel while benefiting from diverse studies programs and taking part in exhibitions. Read more >>

Visiting Psychology Students at University of Haifa Honors Program

The Psychology Honors program at University of Haifa offers outstanding students the chance to conduct their own research during their undergraduate studies. Read more >>

Green GMBA at University of Haifa

University of Haifa's Green MBA is a unique program that intertwines sustainability and environmental issues with business administration studies. Read more inside. Read more >>

Global Health M.D. Program at Ben Gurion University

Ben Gurion University's Global Health track prepares future doctors to work in different communities anywhere in the world - in western countries or rural developing arenas. Read more >>

Israel Studies Master's Program at Ben Gurion University of the Negev

What do deserts, gender and Mizrahi music have in common? Find out in BGU's M.A. in Israel Studies International Program. Read more >>

Master's in Jewish Education at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

How to bring Jewish students around the world closer to Jewish traditions, thought and culture? Read here about the unique Jewish Education program at the Hebrew University. Read more >>

Israel Studies Master's Program at Tel Aviv University

Attend weekly meetings with predominant figures of different sectors of Israeli society, field trips and more in Tel Aviv University's M.A. in Israel Studies program. Read more >>

TEAMS Program at Technion American Medical School

The Technion's American Medical Program offers students various clerkships and research opportunities in Israel and abroad while studying in a top track. Read more >>

Courses at the Hebrew University Agriculture Faculty in Rehovot

Beekeeping, fish ponds, genetic engineering, plant breeding; read about international training tracks in The Hebrew University's Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot. Read more >>

Visiting Students at Arava Institute in Ketura, Israel

In Arava Institute Israeli, Palestinian, Jordan students and their international peers study together environmental science in hope for a better future in the Middle East. Read more. Read more >>