MSc in Physics at Bar Ilan University

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MSc in Physics at Bar Ilan University (Graduate)
Bar Ilan University offers a graduate program (M.Sc.) in physics, suitable for those interested in developing their research skills in cutting edge scientific topics. The program is conducted by research specialists that are leaders in various fields in physics.
The department of physics at Bar Ilan University, that was founded by Israel Prize recipient Moshe Jammer, has developed and expanded throughout the years, and is known today for its role in research in topics such as solid-state physics, nanoscience, quantum physics, and more. The department is part of interdisciplinary centers such as the Quantum Technology Center, the Nanotechnology Center, and The Data Science and Network Center. This program is suitable for students who wish to continue to PhD (doctorate) studies, which are also offered at BIU.


Study program
During this master’s degree program, students conduct independent research and submit a written thesis. The main research areas in the department include nanophysics, biophysics, complex systems, quantum optics, statistical physics, solid state physics, and astrophysics.



Structure and duration
The M.Sc. program spans 2 years. Studies are conducted in English. Graduates take part in course work and conduct independent research, under the supervision of a faculty member. Research topics are determined according to each student’s individual fields of interest, by the student’s advisor.
Highly qualified candidates can apply for scholarships.



Advanced requirements
Physics course of study – a bachelor’s degree in physics with an average grade of 80 and above.
Biophysics course of study – a bachelor’s degree in biophysics with an average grade of 80 and above. Undergraduates with a bachelor’s degree in physics, life sciences, or chemistry must complete complementary studies to be accepted to this program, these courses are defined based on the specialization track.



Faculty comprises renowned specialists whose academic areas of interest include quantum optics, solid-state, nanoscience, and statistical physics. The members of faculty share their experience and knowledge with their students and assist them during their research and while writing their thesis.



Academic diploma
Graduates receive an M.Sc. (Masters) degree in physics from Bar Ilan University.



About the university
Bar Ilan University offers various graduate degree programs that are suitable for both Israeli and international students. These programs are carried out in English. Among these tracks are an M.Sc. in life sciences, M.Sc. in electrical engineering, M.Sc. in brain science, and more programs in the humanities and social sciences. The university promotes innovative scientific research and has produced achievements that have impacted Israeli and global society throughout the years.


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