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MA in Translation and Interpreting Studies at Bar Ilan University (Graduate)
Bar Ilan University offers a master’s degree (M.A.) in translation and interpreting. This graduate program is studied entirely in English, the student body is diverse and comprises both Israeli students and students from around the globe. This allows students to gain hands-on experience and learn from their classmates, who originate from a wide variety of countries and speak different languages.
The program aims to qualify literary translators who can help bring a variety of languages into the world of English literature.


Study program
During the master’s program in translation, graduates gain advanced knowledge in the literary tradition and develop their literary translation skills. This track focuses on both literal translation and on the mentality behind the languages.
Students receive a full year of mentoring with a faculty member, this one-on-one process assists students in completing their creative thesis, which includes the translation of a manuscript in fiction, poetry, or creative non-fiction.



Structure and duration
This Graduate degree program (master’s) spans two years.
During their studies, graduates must participate in two required departmental courses, two workshops, three literature seminars, one creative writing workshop, and write a graduate thesis. In addition, they are required to complete 1-2 Jewish studies courses or 1-2 general electives.



Among the courses included in this program:
- Literary translation.
- Literary conversations.
- Advanced academic writing.
- Autobiography as a literary genre.



Admission requirements are as follows:
- B.A. (undergraduate degree) or equivalent.
- Fluency or near-fluency in English.
- Competency in any second language.
- Writing sample: applicants must submit 15-25 pages of translation, academic seminar papers, or creative writing.
- Statement of purpose: applicants must submit a short statement of purpose, up to one page long, explaining why they wish to participate in this graduate degree.
- Applicants who did not major in English or other related fields during their undergraduate studies may be required to complete up to two prerequisite courses in the department.



Academic diploma
Graduates receive an M.A. degree in translation and interpreting from Bar Ilan University.



About the university
At Bar Ilan University, graduates can find a wide variety of programs studied in English. Among the tracks offered are master’s in linguistics (including a program in clinical research), M.A. in creative writing, M.A. in Jewish philosophy, M.A. in political science, classical studies (research track), and other subjects in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. These tracks allow students to broaden their academic horizons while developing advanced research and analysis skills.


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