MA in Jewish Philosophy at Bar Ilan University

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MA in Jewish Philosophy at Bar Ilan University (Graduate)


Bar Ilan University offers a graduate degree in Jewish philosophy, that allows students to deepen their knowledge of Jewish thought and get acquainted with great Jewish thinkers throughout history. This program is suitable to those interested in philosophy and Jewish tradition, who wish to participate in thought-provoking studies and connect to their cultural roots. Studies are conducted in a diverse, tolerant, and accepting environment and are suitable for students from various groups and religions.
The program is conducted entirely in English.



Study program
During their studies, students deepen their knowledge of various fields of Jewish philosophy, from the classical period to contemporary writers and philosophers. They are introduced to Jewish thinkers such as Rambam (Maimonides), Rabbi Kook, Rabbi Yehuda Halevi, Menachem Mendel Schneeorson, and more. Moreover, they study aspects of Hasidism and Kabbalah. In addition to acquaintance with these various Jewish writings, students research their impact on general philosophy.



Structure and duration
This program spans two years and is taught entirely in English. Students may choose between two possible tracks:
Thesis track (track A) – this track required 16 hours of coursework including two seminars and six M.A. seminars or lectures. In addition, basic knowledge of a foreign language is required. Students are obliged to participate in department colloquium meetings with their thesis advisor. During studies, they prepare a thesis and take a final examination based on that thesis.
Track without thesis (track B) – this track comprises 22 hours of coursework. In addition, students are obliged to take part in the department’s colloquium and pass a final exam, according to the courses they study.



Among the courses included in this graduate program:
- Early Hasidism.
- Ethical monotheism.
- Jewish existentialism.
- Introduction to Kabbalah.
- The beginning of modern Jewish thought.
- The Islamic and Christian context of Jewish philosophers.



Faculty comprises renowned experts in Jewish philosophy and Jewish thinking. Researchers are experienced in thesis instruction and assist their students throughout their studies. The head of the MA program is Professor Hanoch Ben Pazi, who is chair of the department of Jewish studies at BIU.



Admissions and target audience
Admission requirements are as follows:
- An undergraduate (B.A.) degree in Jewish thought or philosophy from an accredited academic institution. Undergraduates of other fields will be required to take complementary courses.
- A GPA of 3.0 and above.
- A personal CV.
- Fluency in English. Second-language speakers are required to pass a proficiency exam.
This is a diverse program, the student body comprises both secular and religious students, and both Jewish and non-Jewish students. The program is suitable for various audiences, such as teachers from Jewish communities worldwide, Jewish people who wish to deepen their Jewish knowledge, and students of philosophy from any religion who would like to study ideas and concepts in contemporary Jewish philosophy.
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Academic diploma
Graduates receive an M.A. in Jewish Philosophy from Bar Ilan University.



Career opportunities
Graduates of this program can fill prominent positions in various fields such as education, media, and academic philosophical research. Graduates of the thesis track can choose to continue their studies and pursue a doctorate degree (PhD).


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