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MA in Classical Studies at Bar Ilan University – Research Track (Graduate)
At Bar Ilan University, international and Israeli students can participate in the M.A. in classical studies, offered in a research track and studied in English. This master’s program provides students with the knowledge and skills for scientific study of the classic Greek and Roman world.
Study program
Students focus on the research and critical study of various aspects of ancient Rome and Greece. They discuss historical, linguistic, literary, archaeological, and cultural approaches to the ancient world and are exposed to a wide variety of relevant writings and theories.
Classic Reception Track
The department offers a graduate track that focuses on classical reception – the examination of reception of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds in various cultures and periods. In this multidisciplinary program, students can research the ways in which the ancient world influences later society and has integrated the arts and literature of various cultures, such as Judaism, Israeli culture, and more.


Structure and duration
This graduate program spans two years and is offered in a research track (thesis track). Students can choose to begin studying in March or October.
The course subjects are chosen in accordance with the students’ personal research specializations and needs. A variety of courses in English are offered, these courses have a virtual option accessible via ZOOM, which enables participation from anywhere in the world.
In addition, up to a third of courses can be taken in other departments at BIU, such as the faculty of Jewish studies, the department of English literature and linguistics, and the department of Jewish philosophy.


During this M.A. program, students can take part in courses in a wide range of topics relating to the Greek and Roman world, including:
- Ancient philosophy.
- Classical mythology.
- Greek and Latin linguistics.
- Roman and Hellenistic Jewry.
- The History of the Hellenistic world.
- Political theory and government in antiquity.


Dissertation supervisors at the department of classical studies are renowned scholars, their areas of academic interest include: classical reception, ancient drama, ancient geographic narrative, Socratic studies, Greek political thought, customs and ethnic identities in ancient Rome and Greece, Jewish thought, and more.


Admission requirements are as follows:
- An undergraduate degree in classical studies with an average grade of 76 and above.
- Proven knowledge in at least one ancient language: Latin and / or Greek.
- Candidates without a B.A. degree in classical studies can be accepted after passing an exam in Greek or Latin, at the request of the head of the department. Competence in both languages is preferable. It is important to note that continuation to PhD studies is only possible after completing a master’s degree with knowledge of both ancient languages.
- Fluency in English.
- In some cases, the thesis supervisor may require students to study another modern language, according to the needs of their research.


Academic diploma
Graduates are awarded an M.A. degree in classical studies from Bar Ilan University.


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