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MA in Linguistics at Bar Ilan University (Graduate)
The master’s (M.A.) program in linguistics at Bar Ilan University provides students with a solid base in both theoretical and applied linguistics. This program is studied in English and is suitable for both International and Israeli students.


Study program
The department of linguistics and English literature at BIU emphasizes an open-minded and interdisciplinary approach to language. During their studies, students can explore various aspects in theoretical, applied, and experimental fields.
The graduate program in linguistics includes a specialization in several areas in linguistics and in other relevant fields such as psychology, philosophy, and brain science. During their studies and research, students may focus on the use or structure of any language.



Structure and duration
This program spans two years. The courses of study are constructed by the students and supervisors. Students may choose between the following study tracks:
Academic thesis track - In the thesis track, students are required to participate in 7 graduate level seminars, and complete 2 extended research papers and their graduate thesis.
Extended studies track (without a thesis) - Students in the extended study track take part in 8 graduate level seminars and 3 undergraduate electives and must complete three seminar papers. During their studies, they are also required to participate in 1 – 2 Jewish studies courses, or 1 – 2 general electives.


MA in Linguistics: Clinical Research
The master’s program in clinical research is suitable for students with outstanding achievements in their undergraduate studies (B.A.) in the following subjects: psychology, communication disorders, brain science, or special education. The program is suitable for those interested in enhancing their understanding of the linguistic basis of their field of study. The program has a close link with a brain science research center.



Here are several examples of courses included in this program:
- Reading in a second language.
- Quantitative research in syntax.
- Language in autism spectrum disorders.
- Morphological and phonological blocking.



New Immigrants to Israel (Olim) under the age of thirty can receive tuition subsidies for up to two years from the government of Israel, through the Student Immigration Authority.
In addition, Bar Ilan University offers students merit-based and needs-based scholarships. Students can also apply for various scholarships by foundations and organizations outside the university.



The following documents are required as part of the application process:
- A personal CV.
- Scanned formal transcripts of all prior studies including course names, grades, and names of instructors.
- Scanned diplomas.



Academic diploma
Graduates receive an M.A. degree (graduate) in Linguistics from Bar Ilan University.


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