MA in Middle Eastern Religion and Politics at Bar Ilan University

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MA in Political Science at Bar Ilan University – Middle Eastern Religion and Politics (Online Graduate)
The M.A. in political science with a track in Middle Eastern religion and politics is a new graduate program at Bar Ilan University, conducted online and studied entirely in English. This program allows students to understand the role religion plays in politics and provides advanced academic knowledge regarding both Middle Eastern politics and general political science. The program corresponds with contemporary global processes, in which religious identities and ideas have shaped international politics, especially in the Middle East area.
The track is suitable for those pursuing a career in diplomacy, conflict resolution, policy research, academic research in political science, and more. It is suitable for both Israeli and international students, and open to students from around the globe.


Study program
During their studies, students discuss the ways religions impact societies, conflicts, and peace efforts. They explore important topics in both Middle Eastern politics and religious politics. In addition, they broaden their knowledge of theory and methodology in political science.
At the department of political studies, students will find several research centers focusing on issues of religion and Middle Eastern politics, such as the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, the Religion and State Project, the Argov Center for Study of the Jewish People, and more.



Structure and duration
This online graduate program spans two years. Students participate in around six hours of online teaching per week.
Students can choose between a thesis track (track 1) and a standard track (track 2, without a thesis). Those studying in the thesis track must participate in all required courses and two electives and complete their M.A. thesis. Students in the standard track (with no thesis) must study all required course and four electives.



Among the courses in this program:
- Territorial politics.
- Politics and religion in Israel.
- Religion and political theory.
- Comparative politics in the Middle East.
- Theories and approaches in political science.



The program is led by Professor Jonathan Fox, an expert in the field of religion and politics who has published 14 books and nearly 100 academic articles on these subjects. Professor Fox is the director of the “Religion and State Project” that analyzes data on government religion policies in various countries.
Faculty includes renowned researchers, among their research topics are: Middle eastern politics, civil wars, national identity and conflict, citizens’ attitudes and ideologies, and more.



Applicants for the thesis track (track 1) must comply with the following conditions:
- B.A. (undergraduate) degree from an accredited university.
- An average grade of 85 and above.
- Fluency in English.
- Interview with the thesis coordinator.



Application requirements for the standard track (track 2) are as follows:
- B.A. (undergraduate) degree from an accredited university.
- An average grade of 80 and above.
- Fluency in English.



Academic diploma
Graduates receive an M.A. degree in Political Science from Bar Ilan University.


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