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MA in English Literature at Bar Ilan University (Graduate)
Bar Ilan University offers an M.A. program in English literature, that allows students to broaden their understanding of internationally recognized authors and works. This graduate program is unique in that it emphasizes Jewish literature and Jewish thought. The program is conducted in English and as such is suitable for both Israeli and International students.
Study program
During this graduate program, students can acquire advanced knowledge in American and British literature. In addition, they expand their knowledge of relevant literary theory and develop academic writing and research skills that may be applied in a wide range of professions.
Students take part in high-level literary courses, theory courses, academic writing courses, and various graduate seminars on literary topics ranging from classic to contemporary fiction, poetry, and non-fiction works. In addition, they must complete 1 – 2 Jewish studies courses, or 1 – 2 general electives.


Structure and duration
This graduate program spans two to three years. Students may choose between the following two tracks:
Thesis track: students in this track participate in two required departmental courses and must complete four graduate-level seminars, two extended research papers, and a graduate thesis. This track is suitable for those who wish to continue their studies and pursue a PhD degree (doctorate).
Extended studies track (without a thesis): students in the extended studies track are required to complete two departmental courses, six graduate level seminars, three undergraduate electives, and three seminar papers.



Among the graduate seminars included in this program are:
- Writing the nation.
- Serial Victorian novels.
- Literature and religion.
- Shakespeare and gender.
- Milton as a creative writer.



The application requirements for this program are as follows:
- An undergraduate (B.A.) degree, applicants must submit official transcripts with their application.
- A GPA of 85 and above.
- A separate list (In English) including grades, of all courses in literature taken during undergraduate studies.
- A writing sample of an academic essay in English (preferably on a topic relevant to literature).
- A short statement of purpose, up to one page long, explaining the applicant’s reasons for pursuing this graduate program.
- Applicants who did not major in literature during their bachelor’s degree, must complete prerequisite courses. The nature and number of these courses will be determined based on previous academic background. Prerequisites may span up to one year.
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Academic diploma
Upon successfully completing their studies, graduates receive an M.A. degree (graduate) in English literature from Bar Ilan university.


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