Multidisciplinary BA in Jewish Studies at Bar Ilan University

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Multidisciplinary BA in Jewish Studies at Bar Ilan University (Undergraduate)


The multidisciplinary B.A. in Jewish Studies at Bar Ilan University combines courses from a variety of departments and topics within the Faculty of Jewish Studies. This program aims to break boundaries between different academic disciplines and provides diverse knowledge about Jewish history, culture, philosophy, and more. The program is taught entirely in English


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Study program

This multidisciplinary B.A. degree offers four concentrations from which students can choose introductory and advanced courses:


- Bible.
- Jewish history.
- Jewish Philosophy.
- Land of Israel studies and archaeology.


In addition, the program includes elective courses from other departments at the Faculty of Jewish Studies, including Hebrew literature, Talmud, Hebrew and Semitic languages, Jewish art, Yiddish and Ladino, and Middle Eastern studies.


Structure and duration


This degree spans 3-4 years, depending on the student.


Students can choose between Jewish studies as a single expanded major, or a dual-major track. In the dual-major program, they can combine their studies with programs in English: Communications or English literature, or with programs in Hebrew: various undergraduates at the faculty.


Students can build a personalized curricula based on their academic interests in the field of Jewish studies. In addition, they receive guidance from a senior academic advisor throughout the degree.



Among the courses offered in the different concentrations:
- Jewish identity.
- Biblical archaeology.
- Introduction to Kabbalah.
- Israel in the biblical period.
- Modern Jewish philosophy.
- Jewish resistance during the Holocaust.
- Scripts and inscriptions in ancient Israel.





Based on SAT score: an SAT grade of 1200 and above, and a statement of purpose.


Based on high-school diploma average (eligible countries only): an equivalent of a 98 average in the Israeli Bagrut and a statement of purpose.


Based on a combination of SAT scores and high-school average (eligible countries only): a minimum SAT grade of 1100, a minimum SAT EBRW of 600, a GPA of 88, and a statement of purpose.


All candidates from non-English speaking countries must pass an English proficiency exam: TOEFL (a grade of 90 and above), IELTS (a minimum grade of 6.5), Amir (a grade of 120 and above), or ACT (49 and above).


Academic diploma


Undergraduates receive a B.A. degree in Jewish Studies from Bar Ilan University.


Career opportunities


Since this degree includes a variety of academic topics, it allows students to develop a multidisciplinary way of thinking and a wide skillset. Undergraduates can pursue various career paths which value critical thinking skills, the ability to integrate texts, and information processing abilities. They may also choose to continue their education and pursue an M.A. degree in Jewish Studies or close topics.


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