BA in English Literature at Bar Ilan University

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BA in English Literature at Bar Ilan University (Undergraduate)

The undergraduate track in English literature at Bar Ilan University’s International School allows students to develop analytical skills and self-expression. From Shakespeare to contemporary authors and poets, this program exposes students to a wide variety of works written in the English language.

This BA track is taught entirely in English and is suitable for both International and Israeli students seeking a multicultural and diverse learning experience.

Upon completing their studies, undergraduates can pursue a career in content writing, teaching, and other professional paths that require analytical and creative skills.


Study program

Students in this program broaden their knowledge of the history and development of English and American literature. They discuss various canonical works by Shakespeare, Austen, Milton, and Dickens, and contemporary writers in different genres and styles. In addition, they develop skills of analysis, argumentation, self-expression, and critical thinking.

Studies at BIU are unique in that they allow students to explore how Jewish literature is intertwined with the development of literature in English.

Through seminars and electives, students may choose to study relevant aspects in other fields, such as gender, religion, or visual arts, and their impact on the literary world. Seminars in creative writing and translation are also offered.


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Double Major – Literature and Linguistics

Students interested in specializing in both literature and linguistics may choose this double major program, offered at the International School. This track allows studying various aspects of literature, while also acquiring skills necessary for analyzing human language.



This is a full undergraduate degree program that spans three years.



Students take part in a wide variety of courses, such as:

- Romantic poetry.
- American Literature.
- Children’s literature.
- Renaissance literature.
- Introduction to fiction.
- Rhetoric, persuasion, and the media.



Admission requirements are as follows:

- Acceptance based on SAT score: requires a high school diploma and a minimum SAT grade of 1200. In addition, an EBRW grade of 650 and above is required. Non-English-speaking applicants must submit a statement of purpose.

- Acceptance based on high school diploma (eligible countries only): an equivalent of a 98 average score in the Israeli Bagrut exam, and a statement of purpose.

- Acceptance based on a combination of SAT and high school diploma scores (eligible countries only): a minimum SAT score of 1100, a minimum SAT EBRW score of 600, and a GPA of 88 and above. A statement of purpose is also required.

- English proficiency: all applicants from non-English speaking countries must pass an English proficiency exam (one of the following) - SAT EBRW (600 and above), TOEFL (90 and above), IELTS (6.5 and above), ACT (49 and above), or Amir / Amiram (120 and above). Applicants from English-speaking countries are exempt from these exams.


Academic diploma

Students receive an undergraduate degree (BA) in English literature from Bar Ilan University.


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