BA in Communication and English Literature at Bar Ilan University

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BA in Communication and English Literature at Bar Ilan University (Undergraduate)
Students interested in the English language and in media can study in the B.A. in communication and English literature at Bar Ilan University. This is a double major that allows developing strong communication skills in English, which are a crucial and sought-after asset in today’s global market.


Study program
The double major provides students with knowledge and skills needed in careers in today’s global media industry. Students discuss how communication technologies affect our society and culture, while developing their writing and analysis skills in English. This track allows students to gain an understanding of multiculturalism, which is a fundamental requirement in today’s globalized economy.
The school of communication at BIU offers training and research in international communications and public diplomacy.
The department of English literature and linguistics offers courses that provide a solid base in the development and history of English and American literature, students discuss works by great writers such as Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, and Milton. In addition, they refine their skills in critical thinking, argumentation, analysis, creativity, and self-expression.



Structure and duration
This is a double major track that spans three years.
Students must complete credits in both communication and English literature, credits in Judaic studies, and general studies. Depending on their English proficiency test scores, they may also be required to take classes in English.
Moreover, the program includes workshops on new media, public relations, broadcast media, and advertising, in which students gain hands-on experience.



Here are a few samples of the courses included in this program:
- Video journalism.
- Literature in the arts.
- Environmental branding.
- Jewish American literature.
- Shakespeare and popular culture.
- Society and media in the age of intelligent machines.



Admission requirements
Applicants may apply in one of the following tracks:
Based on SAT score – an SAT score of 1200 and above, a minimum EBRW score of 650, and a high school diploma. Non-English speakers must also submit a statement of purpose.
Based on high school diploma score (eligible countries only) – an equivalent of 98 and above in the Israeli Bagrut exams, and a statement of purpose.
Based on a combination of SAT scores and high school diploma (eligible countries only) – a minimum SAT score of 1100, a minimum EBRW score of 650, and a GPA of 88. A statement of purpose is also required.
English proficiency - applicants from non-English speaking countries must take one of the following exams and pass with the minimum score mentioned: TOEFL (90), Amir (120), IELTS (6.5), SAT EBRW (600), or ACT (49).



Academic diploma
Upon completing their studies, undergraduates receive a B.A. degree in communication and English literature from Bar Ilan University.



Career opportunities
Since English is a global language, undergraduates can pursue a wide range of global and local career paths in communication, such as in advertising studios, TV stations, public relations offices, digital media companies, and more. They can also work as media consultants in private or government offices. Those interested in an academic career can continue their studies and eventually fill teaching and research roles.


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