MSc in Electrical Engineering at Bar Ilan University

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MSc in Electrical Engineering at Bar Ilan University (Graduate)
The M.Sc. program in electrical engineering offered at Bar Ilan University is suitable for excellent undergraduates in the fields of electrical or computer engineering, who wish to advance their knowledge and develop their career in this cutting-edge and sought-after field.
Studies at Bar Ilan University are conducted in a dynamic and forward-looking environment, the University plays a role in Israel’s high-tech research and development and helps train the next generation of electrical engineers.


Study program
Students can choose between various tracks, in subjects such as nano and microelectronics, electro-optics, bioengineering, and data science and information technologies (in this track students can research communications, computer engineering, and signal processing).



Structure and duration
The program is taught entirely in English, and spans two years. This M.Sc. degree is offered in a thesis track only. During this track, graduates must complete one graduate-level seminar that includes submission of an article for publication, participate in a department colloquium, complete five graduate-level courses, conduct independent research, and submit their graduate thesis.



Scholarships and financial aid
Students may apply for various scholarships during their studies. Bar Ilan University offers both needs-based and merit-based scholarships. In addition, new immigrants (Olim) can receive tuition subsidies from the Israeli government (the Student Immigration Authority at the Ministry of Aliyah), given to Olim under the age of 30, subsidies are given for up to two years. Moreover, various foundations and organizations offer scholarships and financial aid to students (scholarships vary, some are needs-based, others are based on excellence in research).



Among the courses included in this program:
- Algorithms.
- Statistical signal processing.
- Introduction to cryptography.
- Advanced information theory.
- Internet and computer networking.



To submit their application, applicants must comply with the following requirements:
- An undergraduate (B.Sc.) degree in electrical engineering or computer engineering.
- A professional resume (CV).
- 2 letters of recommendation from employers or professors.
- A short statement of purpose, up to one page long, stating the applicant’s reasons for pursuing this graduate program.



Academic diploma
Graduates receive an M.Sc. (graduate) degree from Bar Ilan University.



Career opportunities
Graduates may use the skills and knowledge acquired during their studies to advance their current career, or pursue career opportunities in the high-tech industry, the electronics industry, and other professional fields. In addition, they can choose to continue their studies and complete their PhD at Bar Ilan University’s faculty of engineering.



About the university
BIU offers various graduate programs in science, such as an M.Sc. track in brain science, a program in physics, ad a track in life sciences. In addition, graduate programs in the humanities and social sciences are available. These tracks are all studied in English.


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