Technion Freshman Year of Engineering

Academic institutions in Israel invite you to participate in international programs, earn credits or complete your degree. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to see the sites, to meet new people from all around the world, to hear Hebrew and Arabic, and to come to a closer understanding of Israeli society.

Freshman Year of Engineering at the Technion
A Fresh Start with Engineering
Due to the Technion's (Israel Institute of Technology) award winning faculty, groundbreaking research projects and high level of studies, the Haifa based institution is one of the most sought after schools in Israel.
The freshman track offers students from all over the world the chance to study a year at the Technion in an all-English program while living in Israel. In addition to academic studies, students will take part in social activities and tours around Israel together with their peers that come from more than 30 countries.
Study Program
During their year of studies students will take introductory classes in math, science and engineering in subjects such as calculus, physics, mechanical engineering and chemistry. The credits earned at the Technion are recognized by hundreds of colleges and universities worldwide. Students are also required to take classes in Hebrew (ulpan).
The courses in the freshman year are the same for all students, so you keep your options open and decide on a specific field of engineering studies only after completing your first year.
Program Structure
Prior to the two-semester studies, all participants are required to attend a 17 week orientation and preparation program. During that time, students get to meet their peers and engage in social activities while taking crash courses in algebra, geometry, trigonometry and physics. After completing the comprehensive preparation program, students will begin their yearlong studies.
What happens at the end of the year?
After students complete all their courses successfully they choose whether to continue their studies at the Technion, or pursue their studies at other universities or colleges around the world.
In case students wish to stay at the Technion they may carry on with their studies in the B.Sc. program in Civil and Environmental Engineering, which is the only program taught entirely in English, or transfer to other programs, taught in Hebrew: Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biotechnology, Biology or Mechanical Engineering.
Among the Studied Subjects:
* Analysis of Functions
* Vectors
* Stress and Deflection of Beams
* Chemical Equilibrium
* Planar and Trusses
* Strength of Materials
* Special Relativity
* Oxidation and Reduction
* Point and Distributed Loads
* Mohr’s Circle
* Etc.
Applicants who did not complete their high school studies in English speaking countries must pass IELTS (6 or above) or TOEFL (at least 75 in the internet based test). Applicants have to submit their high school transcripts and must have excellent grades in math and science. A personal essay and two letters of recommendation are also required.


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