B.A. in Humanities – International Studies in Israel

Academic institutions in Israel invite you to participate in international programs, earn credits or complete your degree. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to see the sites, to meet new people from all around the world, to hear Hebrew and Arabic, and to come to a closer understanding of Israeli society.

Humanities Undergraduate Degree Programs in Israel for International Students
Experience and Be Inspired
Study in English for your B.A. while getting the chance to experience life in Israel. You can live, work and study at the same time. Get to know people from around the world, visit the major historical and religious sites or spend your days on one of Israel's beautiful beaches. It is a great opportunity for people who consider making 'Aliyah' or for anyone who wish to experience a few years away from home.
Several Israeli universities offer all-English tracks in humanities. You can study for a single or double major in your selected field or study for a general B.A. in Liberal Arts. The programs will provide you with profound knowledge on an area (or more) of your choosing.
Types of Programs
English literature programs focus mainly on British and American authors and texts, and therefore can be suitable for English speakers. Other literature programs are available in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Hebrew and more. The programs are not specifically intended for foreign students, and for this reason, you should turn to the international students' secretary in the academic institution, and they could help you get in. The university could ask you to take an Ulpan course before or while studying in the program.
Liberal Arts
This is a general B.A. studied in English that allow you to focus on several fields in humanities and social sciences. You can choose courses in philosophy, Jewish studies, Israel studies, culture, communications, literature, psychology, Middle Eastern studies, etc.
Semestrial Programs
Israeli universities offer semestrial programs in humanities for foreign students in English encompassing a variety of interesting fields, such as: Jewish history and culture, Arab thought and culture, Holocaust studies and others. Several semestrial programs include crash courses in Hebrew or Arabic (you can choose both).
In Israel, these international B.A. programs are designed to be completed in three years.
Applicants who did not complete their high school studies in English speaking countries must take an English proficiency test (TOEFL). You must submit your high school diploma and SAT (or other standardized test) scores. However, in recent years universities become more inclined to base their decision solely on the applicants' high school GPA. Note, that only happens in cases the GPA is very high.
Tuition Fees are approx. $7,500 per year.
Academic Institutions
Bar Ilan University (Ramat Gan) - Bar Ilan University offers undergraduate programs in the humanities that are taught in English: B.A. in linguistics, B.A. in English literature, and a double major in communication and English literature.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – offers a B.A. in English literature. The university also holds semestrial and year-long programs regarding Jewish history and Israeli culture. In addition, a program that is unique to The Hebrew University is the Freshman Program. In this track students study their first year courses in English and complete the rest of their studies in Hebrew.
Tel Aviv University – offers two B.A. programs in English, in liberal arts and in literature. The university also offers semsetrial and summer courses in Hebrew. Tel Aviv University is popular due to its location; many students take advantage of its proximity to several sandy beaches and many cafes and bars.
Ben Gurion Univeristy of the Negev (Be'er-Sheva) – offers two undergraduate programs in English: literature and linguistics. Students can take each program as a major or both as a double major. This university is known for its social life and is very popular due to this fact.
University of Haifa – offers an English language and literature program. The program includes courses and seminars in literature and linguistics. The University also offers two international semestrial programs: holocaust studies and contemporary Arab thought and culture. The latter also includes intensive courses in Arabic.


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