Reichman University (IDC Herzliya)

Academic institutions in Israel invite you to participate in international programs, earn credits or complete your degree. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to see the sites, to meet new people from all around the world, to hear Hebrew and Arabic, and to come to a closer understanding of Israeli society.

Reichman University (IDC Herzliya)
About the institution
Reichman University ( IDC Herzliya ) is an academic institution founded in 1994. It is the first Israeli private university. The university is a non-profit organization that is modeled after Ivy League universities in the USA. The university strives to promote academic excellence, leadership values and social responsibility while dealing with social, economic and government current issues in Israel.
About the International School
The university operates the Raphael Recanati International School, also known as RRIS. It is the largest international school today. Over 2500 students from over 90 countries worldwide study at the International School. Today, a third of all students at the university are internationals.
At the international school, international students can take part in various undergraduate and graduate degrees, most of which are conducted entirely in English.
In addition, the school offers Study Abroad programs that spanone year or one semester. Students can come and study in Israel and choose from the different courses at the university. Coursework can count towards their major, minor or elective requirements in their home institutions.
The international school has a Social and Cultural office which provides enriching social activities aimed at promoting student wellbeing, such as trips, clubs and holiday celebrations.


Study tracks
The Raphael Recanati International school offers 10 undergraduate degrees - B.A. and B.Sc. - and 8 graduate degrees - MBA and MA. The degree tracks are offered in various sought-after subjects in the humanities, science and more.
Undergraduate degrees
The Recanati International school offers 10 international undergraduate degree programs suitable for international students. These tracks are studied in English. In these tracks, international students can earn an internationally recognized degree in 3 years, programs comprise 6 semesters. Some of the tracks available are double-major programs. In addition, undergraduate students at the school can take part in over 120 exchange programs with different universities abroad.
The degree programs available are:
Business administration: business administration studies prepare students for management and entrepreneurship positions. Specializations in business studies include finance and entrepreneurship, marketing and entrepreneurship and digital innovation.
Communications: the program focuses on new media and its impact on information, consumers and society. Specializations include: marketing communications, digital influence and perceptions, interactive communications.
Computer science (B.Sc): students develop an analytical foundation in mathematics, an understanding of IT and computer science theory and practical development skills.
Government: during government studies, students gain knowledge in diplomacy, public policy, strategy and foreign policy. Clusters include: homeland security, middle east, conflict resolution, business administration, public diplomacy.
Psychology: students inthe  psychology studies program gain knowledge and skills to fulfill aspirations, contribute to the wellbeing of society and individuals, and continue to advanced degrees.
Business and economics - double major: students gain understanding of the global financial marketplace and gain skills for career development in the private and public sectors.
Entrepreneurship and business - double major: the school promotes academic, educational study and research in business and entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurship and computer science - double major: students are provided with tools for building innovative technological products and designing business plans.
Sustainability & Government - double major: students can gain a competitive advantage in careers in the private and public sectors that require expertise in sustainability.
Economics and Entrepreneurship with Data Science - double major: This program provides students with skills in both economics and entrepreneurship, while focusing on one of the most sought-after topics in the high-tech industry today: Data Science.


Graduate degrees
At the International school, students can take part in various MBA or MA degrees. Students have the opportunity to study with leading and world-renowned lecturers and expand their knowledge, practical skillset and research abilities. These tools can assist them in developing their careers and contributing to shaping the local and global reality of the future. There are currently 8 graduate degrees at the school, all taught entirely in English to suit international students.
The university offers the following international graduate degrees:
MA Behavioral Economics: this program focuses on decision making and integrated aspects of psychology and economics.
MA Financial Economics: students gain knowledge in economics and finance that enable them to cope with current business-economic challenges.
MA HCI- MA Computer Science Interaction: during studies students develop skills for leading user-based products in tech and design companies and in research.
MA Government: students gain hands-on experience in public diplomacy, international security, conflict resolution, counter-terrorism and more.
One-year MBA: in this MBA program students can gain management tools they can integrate in growing companies.
Global MBA: the global MBA is taught from a global perspective and is suitable for business leaders and executives.
MBA In Healthcare Innovations: this program is in cooperation with Sheba medical center, the largest medical center in Israel.
MSc Machine Learning and Data Science: this track is aimed at providing practical and theoretical understanding of data driven methods and machine learning.
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