B.Sc. in electrical and electronics engineering at Tel-Aviv university

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Electrical and Electronics Engineering B.Sc. at Tel-Aviv University for International Students

Tomorrow's leading technology

It's hard to imagine today technological world without the huge advancements in the field of electricity. From home appliances and personal vehicles to super computers, electronics is one of the most sought after fields in today's industry. This dynamic field never ceases to grow and so engineers are always required to familiarize with the latest developments and techniques.

Tel-Aviv University offers an undergraduate program for B.Sc. in Electrical and electronics engineering that encourages its students to explore and address current challenges in the technological industry. Israel is one of the most advanced countries worldwide in high tech development, and there is currently an immense demand for electronics engineers in Israeli companies and research centers. This program can assist the students in getting to know cutting edge technologies and give them the required tools to take part in fascinating career paths.

Study program

This program for bachelor's in engineering allows students to familiarize with cutting edge engineering technologies and theories in electricity and electronics. It equips students with a wideset of tools in engineering, science, computers and industry. Students can choose between several specializations, such as: computers, communications. Signal processing, bioelectronics, electro optics, material engineering, systems control, electronic devices and radiation and waves. Through these specializations they can take a closer look at subjects that interest them in the field of electronics.


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Duration and structure

This is a four year program that is divided into eight semesters. The students in this track take part in a variety of courses and electives and also participate in various labs where they can get hands on experience with latest technologies. During the last semesters they take part in an integrated internship and write their final project in their field of specialization.


Digital logic systems
Solid state physics
Algorithms and data structures
Electronic devices
Electromagnetic fields
Wave transmission
Energy conversion
Circuits and linear systems
Signals and systems

Admission requirements

As part of the admission requirements for this program at TAU, candidates need to present an official high school diploma as well as pass university entrance exams such as SAT. In addition, they are required to pass an English proficiency exam such as TOEFL or IELTS. They are required to present two recommendation letters as well as two essays written in English.


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Graduates that successfully complete this track receive a B.Sc. Undergraduate diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Tel-Aviv University.

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