BA in Communications at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya)

Sammy Ofer School of Communications - The school offers an international undergraduate track that focuses on new media.

International B.A. in Communications at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya)
Reichman University (IDC Herzliya)'s Sammy Ofer School of Communications offers an international undergraduate track for students who wish to experience practical work and theoretical background in the field of mass communication. The school focuses on new media and the way it impacts consumers, information and the world of journalism.
Study Program
The Communications undergraduate program includes many theoretical and practical courses, students put emphasis on different new media platforms and explore the way social media and digital advertising impact the lives of consumers. They take part in courses on relevant communications theory and participate in seminars and workshops in which they gain practical professional experience and get to know current developments in the local and global media industry.

Students can choose their field of expertise from the following specializations:

- Marketing communications: students focus on innovative strategies in digital platforms such as social media and marketing. They also learn more about PR, Communication Advisement and more.


- Digital influence and perceptions: this specialization focuses on ways in which perception influence is gained via visual content creation and measuring impact.


- Interactive communications: in this specialization, students learn about human and technology interactions and user experience (UX).

Program Structure

The program is designed to be completed in three years (six semesters). Studies include both theoretical and practical elements.


During their studies, students have access to advanced technologies and media equipment such as TV studios, newsroom, 3D printers and digital fabrication equipment, postproduction rooms, radio studio and more. This allows them to implement the studied topics and gain hands-on experience.


Students can participate in production of the school’s radio station and its news website; both are staffed by the university students and professional journalists.


In addition, students from the second year and above can take part in various internships. Students in the 7th semester can take part in an exchange program.

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New media
Digital storytelling
Radio broadcasting
Social network analysis
Influencers and followers
Human computer interface
Identity and culture in visual media
Storytelling and message promotion
The Sammy Ofer school faculty comprises of experienced and renowned researchers, alongside key figures in the Israeli media industry.

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Admissions are based on academic and personal criteria, including high school grades (a diploma copy must be submitted), standardized test results, CV (resume), letters of recommendation and an essay concerning personal motives for studying in this program and university. 
Academic Diploma
Upon completing their studiesm, graduates will receive a B.A. in Communications.


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