B.A. in Liberal Arts at Tel Aviv University

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B.A. in Liberal Arts at Tel-Aviv University for international students


Today's world is changing in an unforeseeable rate. Employees are required to show not only proficiency in their field of work but also creativity, an open mind and knowledge in a variety of fields and subjects. 
The B.A. in liberal arts available at Tel-Aviv University is open to international students and is taught in English. It allows students from around the world to explore different disciples and widen their horizons. The multidisciplinary liberal arts education received in this program cam assist the students to succeed in today's fast changing and complex world. Through their ability to think outside the box, they can open many fascinating career paths.



Study program 
This track exposes students to a wide range of disciples from the humanities and social studies. They get an in-depth knowledge of fields such as philosophy, psychology, literature, communications and Israel studies. Through the interdisciplinary studies allow them to develop their critical and creative abilities.



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Duration and structure 
The liberal arts program is designed to be completed in 3 years.

When enrolling, students choose four out of eight specializations. They first select a major and minor from the following subjects:

- Literature.
- Philosophy.
- Psychology.
- Life sciences.
- Middle Eastern studies.
- Jewish and Israel studies.
- Entrepreneurship and innovation.
- Digital culture and communications.


Next, they select two additional tracks and a series of core courses covering a variety of disciplines and various themes.


As part of this study program, students take part in a variety of activities such as study trips to various locations in Israel and other cultural events such as seminars and workshops.


Admission requirements


Admission requirements are:


- SAT or ACT results, and high school diploma transcripts.
- A minimum high school diploma average of 80.
- A personal essay (up to 500 words).
- A personal interview.
- Two letters of recommendation.
- English proficiency exams – for applicants from non-English speaking countries.


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Undergraduates are awarded a B.A. in the Multidisciplinary Program in the Humanities from Tel Aviv University. 
Career opportunities

Undergraduates can utilize the broad set of ideas acquired during this degree in a wide set of career paths in different industries. This multidisciplinary skill set is a sought-after asset in today’s global market. in addition, undergraduates can choose to further their studies and pursue a graduate degree.


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