Cyber Politics and Government Graduate Degree at Tel Aviv University

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Cyber Politics and Government Graduate Degree (M.A.) at Tel Aviv University
The international M.A. in Cyber Politics and Government at Tel Aviv University is a new one-year program suitable for students from around the world interested in acquiring the skillset for dealing with contemporary and future cyber challenges faced by both governments and organizations. During their studies, graduates can experience the innovative spirit of Israel, known globally for its cyber leadership strategy and technology.


Study program
This program focuses on the in which ways technology can bridge the gap between policy and strategic governance. This connection is critical for organizations and their ability to adapt to future challenges in the evolving and dynamic field of cyber security technology.
Students acquire critical tools for developing strategic planning and leadership in today’s cyber and big data arenas. In addition, they discuss the impact of today’s cyber challenges on governments, organizations, and societies. These skills enable then to make important decisions regarding risk management, budget, strategy, policy, and more.



Structure and duration
This program spans one year and comprises three semesters. Studies are conducted entirely in English.
A one-year thesis track is available.



- Big data economy.
- AI in the cyber era.
- The age of technology.
- The politics of big data.
- The Israeli cyber eco system.
- The evolution of cyber threats.
- A new age of strategic thinking.
- Governments and elections in the cyber era.
- And more.



Faculty comprises leading experts in the cybersecurity policy field. The program head, Professor Eviatar Matania, is the founder of INCD – Israel’s National Cyber Directorate and served as its former Director General. He was appointed to implement Israel’s cyber policy and advance the Israeli cyber ecosystem.



Admission requirements are as follows:
- An undergraduate degree in any field – B.A. or B.Sc.
- A GPA of 82% and above.
- Post-secondary school official diploma transcripts.
- Candidates from non-English speaking countries are required to pass an English proficiency exam.
- A letter of recommendation.
- A personal essay (up to 600 words) describing the candidate’s reasons for pursuing this degree in Israel, their
academic or professional experience, and their professional aspirations.



The International School at TAU offers several funding sources such as needs-based scholarships for tuition assistance. External scholarships are also available.



Academic diploma
Graduates receive an M.A. (Master’s) degree in Cyber Politics and Government from Tel Aviv University.



Career opportunities
Students are granted the knowledge and critical skills necessary in careers as organizational and policy leaders in the global cyber policy arena. These skills allow them to successfully lead organizations during the cyber era and assist them in dealing with its unique challenges. In addition, this knowledge enables them to fill roles such as policy development, strategics, and more.


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