M.Sc. in Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University

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M.Sc. in Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University


The M.Sc. in Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University provides students with interdisciplinary research skills needed by tomorrow’s neuroscientists. This graduate program is held at TAU’s Sagol School of Neuroscience, a diverse school which brings together various subjects and research areas.



Study program
This multidisciplinary program includes diverse courses from eight different faculties. The program allows students to specialize in foundational areas in neuroscience and train in cutting-edge fields in biology, engineering, psychology, and many other innovative topics.
Courses cover the molecular level, the systemic level, computational neurobiology, cognition, and more. In addition, students learn advanced quantitative methods in the various scientific areas.
Research in the neuroscience program is conducted in over 150 laboratories on campus. Students may choose from a wide variety of research topics and expand their empiric experience while conducting their research thesis.



Structure and duration
This program spans two years. It is conducted entirely in English. Studies comprise various types of courses, including core courses, methods, electives from different programs, and more. In addition, students conduct research and write their thesis.



Among the courses in this program:
- Brain science.
- Methods in MRI.
- Machine learning.
- Topics in neuroimaging.
- Biological signal analysis
- Cellular response to stress.
- Non-invasive brain imaging.
- The brain, molecules, and behavior.
- Research methods in neurophysiology.
- And more.




Since the school of neuroscience offers a diverse program from various faculties, the faculty comprises researchers from different fields. Faculty members have published papers in areas such as medical research, psychology, education, behavioral science, and more. The school aims to promote collaborations among researchers from different disciplines and encourages innovative and groundbreaking ideas.



Application requirements are as follows:
- A B.Sc. or B.A. undergraduate degree in the following topics: neuroscience, life sciences, psychology, exact sciences, engineering, linguistics, and similar scientific subjects.
- A GPA of 88 and above.
- Official diploma transcripts and their English translations.
- The name and email address of two academic researchers who can recommend the candidate to participate in advanced research studies.
- A personal interview with the program committee.
- English proficiency exam – for non-native-English speaking candidates.



Master’s degree students in this program are exempt from tuition (except supplementary fees). Moreover, students receive a fellowship from the school. It should be noted that the stipend is not automatically granted to students.



Academic diploma
Graduates who successfully complete their studies are awarded an M.Sc. in Neuroscience from Tel Aviv University.



Career opportunities
Graduates can pursue various career paths, such as in research institutes, in hi-tech companies (research and development positions, AI positions, and more), in the bio-tech industry, in advanced technology-based industries, in the field of electronics, in the medical industry, and more.


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