M.Sc. in Engineering at Tel Aviv University

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M.Sc. in Engineering at Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv University offers an M.Sc. degree in engineering, available in various fields of engineering. This program provides the necessary training for tomorrow’s engineers and allows graduates to expand their knowledge and explore various technologies and theories for advancing their career and shaping the future. The school offers M.Sc. degrees conducted entirely in English.
Study program
During their graduate studies, students at the School of Engineering can advance their academic knowledge and acquire advanced research skills in various fields of engineering. This skillset prepares them to deal with contemporary challenges in the tech industry and contribute to future developments and discoveries.
The school includes 130 research institutes and more than 400 laboratories. Moreover, TAU operates the Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP), which aims to bridge the gap between the faculty and the high-tech industry through new collaborations.



Students can choose between several schools and departments:
- The school of mechanical engineering: students can research various technologies and advancements in the fields of robotics, bioengineering, nanotechnology, alternative energy sources, and more. These technologies have a crucial impact on our economy and society.
- The school of environmental engineering: the school focuses on methods for solving contemporary environmental issues while utilizing the power of technology.
- The department of industrial engineering: Graduates can conduct advanced research in topics such as information technologies, computerized manufacturing systems, decision theory, business analytics, logistics, human aspects of systems, and more. This field is now a leading force in the effort to create a more efficient and cost-effective industry, according to the market’s needs.
- The department of biomedical engineering: This school offers various research topics such as biomechanics, sensory communication, biofluids, image processing, numerical modeling of physiological systems, and more.
- The department of material science and engineering: Students can conduct interdisciplinary research in various topics such as bio materials, composite materials, and more. This school was found as a joint initiative of the School of Engineering, The schools of Exact Sciences and Life Sciences, and the Faculty of Medicine.


Study duration
The graduate programs span two years.


The master’s programs in engineering at TAU are led by an experienced and renowned faculty of researchers. Faculty members have published in leading research journals, operate laboratories, and participate in various ventures with the industry. Faculty members bring this experience into the classroom and assist their students in choosing their study programs andguide them throughout their research.



To apply to the M.Sc. programs in engineering, applicants must have the following:
- A B.Sc. degree in engineering or in exact sciences from a recognized academic institution.
- A GPA of 80 and above.
- Class ranking certificate from their undergraduate departments.


Academic diploma
Graduates are awarded an M.Sc. degree in engineering from Tel Aviv University.


Career opportunities
The graduate degree in engineering allows engineers to promote their career and open new professional opportunities in the tech industry and other sectors. In addition, graduates interested in furthering their studies can continue to PhD tracks offered in English at TAU’s School of Engineering.


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