Master’s in Medical Sciences at Tel Aviv University

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Master’s in Medical Sciences (M.Sc.) at Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University (TAU) offers several master’s degree programs in medical sciences which are suitable for international students. Portions of the M.Sc. degree programs in this field are taught in English, and allow graduate students to continue to PhD programs, also available in English at TAU.



Study program
Students receive training in research in various biomedical fields and prepare for future careers in academic laboratories and the biomed and medical industries. TAU offers various tracks which allow students to participate in advanced research and explore innovative findings and theories.



Students can specialize in one or two of these tracks:
- Cell and developmental biology – in this track, students conduct research related to epidemiology and biostatistics, from the cell and molecule level to whole organisms.


- Drug development and application – the drug development track provides students with tools for conducting clinical trials and developing medical products and drugs. It provides knowledge and skills in molecular biology, medical pharmacology, statistical methodology, medical product marketing, and more.


- Human molecular genetics and biochemistry – this track focuses on innovative solutions to clinical problems in the world of medicine and exposes students to developments in molecular genetics.


- Microbiology and clinical immunology – in this track, student receive training in advanced research in the field of cancer research, microbiology, and more.


- Neuroscience – Students in the neuroscience track prepare for advanced study related to the pharmaceutical and physiological properties of the nervous system.


- Physical anthropology – this track aims to train researchers in the fields of neuroanatomy, skeletal anatomy, and more.


- Physiology and pharmacology – students in this track focus on advanced research necessary for the pharmaceutical industry and physiological research.


- Biostatistics – this is a multidisciplinary scientific branch which serves researchers in fields such as health sciences, the pharmaceutical industry, governmental research authorities, and more. Researchers use biostatistical tools to collect information and derive conclusions for research purposes.


- Epidemiology and preventative medicine – in this track, students learn to design and analyze research on the prevention and treatment of diseases.



Structure and duration
This graduate program, in its various tracks, spans two years. It is conducted in a thesis track, in which students must conduct research and submit their written thesis within four semesters.



This program is open to qualified applicants from accredited universities. Admission requirements are:
- Graduate degree with a minimum grade average of 80, in the following subjects: life sciences, natural sciences, exact sciences, pharmacology, medical sciences, nursing, agriculture, occupational therapy, or physical therapy.
- Candidates with an MD, D.VM. or D.MD. degree may apply to this program.
- Candidates with a B.A. degree in one of the subjects listed above, whose final grade is between 75 – 80, may apply to the admissions committee.
- Candidates with a B.A. degree in a subject other than those listed above may apply on a provisional basis and are required to complete supplementary courses.



Academic diploma
Upon completing their studies, graduates receive an M.Sc. degree. The area of specialization is designated on their master’s certificate.



Career opportunities
Graduates may apply the acquired skillset to develop a career in medical science, such as in academic research laboratories, start-up companies in the biomed industry, hospitals, medical research facilities, and more. In addition, they can choose to further their studies and complete their PhD degree (doctoral studies), which opens career opportunities and research positions in academic institutions.


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