M.A. in Sustainable Development at Tel Aviv University

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Master's (M.A.) in Sustainable Development at Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv University offers a graduate (M.A.) degree in sustainable development conducted in English. This track is suitable for next gen leaders who wish to acquire the tools for developing sustainable solutions in their fields (including in academia, industry, and civil society). The skills and hands-on experience acquired in this master’s track can help bring change in our planet and ensure the future of people across the world.


Study program
Students in this international master’s degree acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills for developing and field-testing solutions to contemporary challenges. These solutions combine technological, economic, cultural, and psychological dimensions.
The program emphasizes the engagement with Israel’s technological entrepreneurship ecosystem along with TAU’s development experience and innovation, for facing relevant challenges.



This track includes intensive fieldwork during the third semester. Tel Aviv University believes that through direct, hands-on experience, students can develop an in-depth understanding of the challenges of sustainable development, which will lead to innovative solutions.
During their field work, students engage in experiential learning and research, both in Israel and in developing countries. They design and implement various innovative solutions and thus bridge between technology providers and low-income communities. This field work is conducted in sites that work in co-operation with TAU, such as NGOs, industry partners, etc.



Structure and duration
This program spans one year. Students can take their mandatory courses on a single weekday during the first and second semesters. Electives and practical experience are available throughout the week.
Students can choose between the following tracks:
- Regular track (non-thesis) – for those interested in pursuing non-academic career paths in sustainable development.
- Research track (with a thesis) – aimed at students interested in conducting applied research on issues in sustainable development and furthering their studies by continuing to a doctoral degree (PhD).



Among the mandatory courses:
- Social entrepreneurship.
- Psychological and cultural dimensions of change.
- Program evaluation and quantitative research methods.
- And more.



Admission requirements include:
- An undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree with a GPA of 3.0 and above (80/100).
- Diploma and official transcripts and their English translations.
- English proficiency proof, or an English exam for non-native speakers.
- A letter of recommendation.
- Personal CV (resume).
- A personal essay, up to 450 words, describing the reasons for pursuing this program in Israel and its connection to the applicant’s professional experience and aspirations.



The international school at TAU offers various scholarships, including needs-based scholarships granted by the University. International students may also benefit from external scholarships, by various organizations and funds.



Academic diploma
Upon completing their studies, students are awarded an M.A. (graduate) degree in sustainable development.



Career opportunities
Program graduates can develop careers in civil society, academic institutions, and the industry. They serve as next gen leaders that hold the necessary skillset for designing and implementing innovative sustainable solutions that can help secure a better future in developing countries. The need for experts in sustainable development is ever rising in light of climate changes and global warming.


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