International B.A. in Management and Liberal Arts at Tel Aviv University

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International B.A. in Management and Liberal Arts - Tel Aviv University
Students interested in developing the skills and knowledge necessary for filling various roles in today’s dynamic global market, can study in the International B.A. in Management and Liberal Arts at Tel Aviv University (TAU). This is a double-major undergraduate track that is studied entirely in English and is open to both Israeli and international students.
This B.A. track provides students with comprehensive managerial education, entrepreneurship skills, and a foundation in the humanities and social sciences. This is a joint program by TAU’s management and humanities faculties. During their studies, students are exposed to the world-leading entrepreneurship hub of Tel Aviv, situated in the heart of Israel, the start-up nation.


Study program
This program allows students to acquire combined knowledge and skills in management, entrepreneurship, social sciences, and liberal arts.
Students gain knowledge in the humanities and complete a management science curriculum that helps them prepare for various managerial roles in today’s business arena. They participate in a multicultural classroom which exposes them to experiences, ideas, and opportunities from around the world.
Moreover, the degree allows students to gain hands-on managerial experience, through different industry-rooted clubs, and the various networks TAU operates with the business and tech industries.



Structure and duration
This program spans three years. Each year comprises two semesters (fall and spring).
During their first year, students participate in core courses in topics such as critical theory, the history of ideas, organizational behavior, and more. These subjects serve as the building blocks for more advanced studies.
In year 2, students choose their track in liberal arts (from the variety listed below) and participate in various courses. During year 3, they specialize in management and innovation, and take part in an internship program. In addition, this year includes a semester abroad.



In the field of management, the curriculum includes:
- Project management.
- Principals of marketing.
- Organizational behavior.
- Innovation strategies in organizations.
- The Israeli economy and macroeconomics.
- Entrepreneurship and the start-up ecosystem.
- And more.



The liberal arts curriculum includes various courses, students may choose two of the following seven tracks:
- Literature.
- Psychology.
- Philosophy.
- Life Sciences.
- Digital Culture.
- Middle Eastern Studies.
- Jewish and Israeli Studies.



The faculty in this double-major program comprises globally renowned researchers and lecturers, both in the humanities and management. During their studies, students can benefit from the assistance and guidance of faculty members, who help them tailor their study track to their academic interests.



Admission requirements are as follows:
- A high school diploma with a GPA of 3.0 and above.
- An English proficiency exam.
- A personal essay.
- Two letters of recommendation.
- A personal CV (resume).
- Copy of a valid passport.
- Passport photo (used for the student ID card).



Academic diploma
Undergraduates are awarded a B.A. (bachelor’s degree) in Management and Liberal Arts from Tel-Aviv University.



Career opportunities
This program aims to provide students with the skills necessary for tomorrow’s business leaders. Among graduates are entrepreneurs that have established unicorn companies worth 1 billion dollars.
In today’s global business arena, a multidisciplinary skillset is a sought-after asset. This program allows students to gain diverse skills and knowledge that can help them acquire the mindset valued by organizations and start-ups today.
Moreover, the program includes internships, mentoring, and networking opportunities which grant students an opportunity to interact with the Israeli hi-tech sector, and open doors for career opportunities.


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