Dual Degree Program at Tel Aviv University and Columbia University

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Dual Degree Program - Tel Aviv University and Columbia University
The Dual Degree Program at Tel Aviv University (TAU) and Columbia University is a four-year B.A. program that is based in two cities – Tel Aviv and New York City. It is studied at two academic institutions and allows students to gain two bachelor’s degrees (one from each university).
This program offers a diverse and multidisciplinary experience, students take part in a tailor-made program, built according to their academic interest topics. During their studies, they can broaden their academic horizons while debating various issues with students from around the world. The track is suitable for motivated, dedicated and talented students seeking a dynamic and mind-expanding program which will grant them the skillset for success in today’s fast-changing world.


Study program
This degree track, which spans two continents and cities, allows students to enhance their global outlook while acquiring a strong liberal arts education, and developing important language and communication skills.
During the first two years (studied at TAU), students focus on the core curriculum based on this program’s foundation. Courses include various topics in critical theory, political philosophy, western literature, the history of ideas, and academic writing.
During years three and four (studied at Columbia University), they complete one of Columbia’s liberal arts majors and take part in the core curriculum in various disciplines in both the humanities and sciences. In addition, they develop quantitative skills and critical writing abilities.



Here are the academic tracks available at each university:
TAU – years one and two:
- Literature.
- Philosophy.
- Life Sciences.
- Middle Eastern Studies.
- Jewish and Israel Studies.
- Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
- Digital Culture and Communication.



Columbia University – years three and four:
- Biology.
- English.
- Economics.
- Earth Studies.
- Film and Media.
- Creative Writing.
- Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African studies.



Structure and duration
This B.A. program spans four years. The first two years are studied at TAU and the final two years at Columbia University, in New York City.
The first two years include 80 credits, of which up to 60 eligible points can be transferred toward the degree requirements at Columbia. After completing their second year at TAU, students will matriculate at the Columbia University School of General Studies where they will further their studies and choose from the different liberal arts majors. Students will complete at least 64 points at Columbia, 40 points will be counted towards the completion of the TAU requirements.



Faculty at both academic institutions comprises world-renowned researchers and professors, with extensive experience in both teaching and research in the humanities, social sciences, life sciences, and other fields relevant to this dual degree program.



Academic degrees
Upon completing their studies, students are awarded two bachelor’s degrees, one from Tel Aviv University, and one from Columbia University.



Career opportunities
This multidisciplinary degree program provides students with a broad critical skillset required in today’s dynamic market. Undergraduates may pursue various career paths, according to the selected majors. The acquired tools, language skills, and writing abilities open doors to career opportunities in Israel, the United States, and across the globe.


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